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inKin Social Fitness Platform
inKin Social Fitness Platform
By Zara
2 years ago
My Device Is Not Syncing! What Can I Do?
By Zara 2 years ago

If you haven't set up any device or an app yet, please visit this page first. 

Before you read any further, we find it crucial to explain how we receive your health and fitness data from your fitness devices or apps.

This is how it works (we will use Fitbit as an example, but the same logic applies to almost any device):

Step 1: your Fitbit device syncs to your Fitbit app

Step 2: your Fitbit app sends data to the Fitbit system. Sometimes the app might not be working properly, or if there is a poor Internet connection, it won't sync right away. However, you, as a user, will not notice it because you will see your updated data on the app and think that everything's fine.

Step 3: we collect your data from the Fitbit system. Hence, if Step 2 is failing, we have nothing to collect.

Step 4: if everything is working how it should, and Steps 1-3 are not failing, then your data will automatically update and show on your inKin app and desktop version:

If you are a FitbitJawboneMicrosoft BandWithingsLumoiHealthMisfit and Moves user, then in your case inKin updates automatically at the beginning of every hour. So every time you sync your device to your app, we will receive your new data and update the system.

For example, if you sync your tracker at 2.45 pm, then we will receive that update and show it on inKin at 3 pm. If you sync your fitness band at 3.05 pm, then your data will be shown at 4 pm.

If you are a Garmin or Polar user, then your data will update automatically every time you sync your device to Garmin Connect or Polar Flow.

If you are an Apple or Samsung user, please make sure to open your inKin mobile app as frequently as possible to update your data.

So what if your data hasn't been updated?

First things first: make sure that you have the correct device set as your data source on the Metrics page:

Set your metrics  data source on inKin Social Fitness platform


If everything is as it should be on the Metrics page and your data is still not updating, it means that either Steps 1-3 are failing or you need to refresh your connection token.

Please try to take these steps before panicking (in 9 cases out of 10 it will solve the issue, and you'll be back on track before you know it:)

1. Go to your Devices page

Devices page on inKin Social Fitness Platform desktop version

2. Disconnect your device and connect again.

3. If this doesn't help, then please log out and then log in back in your vendor's app and desktop version (Fitbit, Jawbone, Withings, etc.). Sometimes when the Internet connection is not great, it's taking longer for your app to transfer data to the vendor's system. Hence, we won't receive any updates at our end.

Please follow these instructions if you are a Garmin user.

If reconnecting your tracker doesn't work, please contact us as soon as possible so we can take care of it for you.


Replies (3)
By Sara Bardwell
9 months ago
By Sara Bardwell 9 months ago
Will I lose my ranking in a competition if I disconnect and reconnect my device. I'm missing April 25th data and I would like to recover that day if possible.
By Nikitin Denis
12 months ago
By Nikitin Denis 12 months ago
Could you please provide me with information about how often google fit synchronizes with inkin? I've had a lot of cases when inkin show much more less steps that i made actually. For instance: yesterday i've made more then 12K steps, but inkin shows only 10K.
By Zara
12 months ago
By Zara 12 months ago
Hi, Denis!

I'll post my answer here as well in case someone else needs it:

inKin syncs with Google Fit every hour. But it's advisable to synchronize it manually between 23:00-24:00 before the day is changed. The reason is that Mi Fit may not transfer data to Google for the last hour of the day.
By Ayşe
2 years ago
By Ayşe 2 years ago
I have a fitbit but every time i use the app i get a message that i have to reconnect and connect my fitbit again . Is this normal?
By Zara
2 years ago
By Zara 2 years ago
Hi, Ayşe! That message is supposed only to appear when your token is not valid anymore, and you need to refresh it by reconnecting. Thanks for letting us know, we will look into this a.s.a.p. Until then, please ignore it.