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inKin Social Fitness Platform
inKin Social Fitness Platform
By Budman
8 months ago
Differentiate step contests between walkers and runners or avg steps done a day?
By Budman 8 months ago
Brand new to the site.. Looking forward to having place where all friends and family using other devices can share info for fun competition, etc.

I joined a steps contest for 70K steps in a week. Which I was sure I could do but had like 100 members so figure would be good way to see how many steps others are doing around the world.

But now only 4 days into the contest the leader has 200k+ steps in. Clearly this is a RUNNER, which is great.. But I am not a runner, but a walker.. There is no way could walk that many steps in 4 days. So now this contest is less fun for me since there are many runners that joined this 70K steps a week contest. And looking at the numbers being put up is discouraging since clearly the persons joining this contest that are runners have zero problem doing almost the weeks goal in 1 day..

Steps are steps for sure - but maybe when you create a contest/challenge you have a checkbox that is for runners or walkers and or maybe limit access based upon the average steps person is doing per day.. So someone that is doing 70K steps a day doesn't join contest stated to be a goal of 70k steps in a week unless the person making the contest states it open to all levels, etc..

Maybe allow contests to have a league set, so people that are in the rookie league level are not competing with people in the championship league..

I am really looking forward to one that coming up that is 1 mil steps in 2 months. Which for me will be a real motivation to keep my daily avg high enough to do that. But its going to be somewhat demotivate to check the leader board 2 weeks in and see people already over 1 mil steps.
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