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inKin Social Fitness Platform
inKin Social Fitness Platform

A Social Fitness Platform That Helps You Get Fit and Healthy with Your Fitness Device!

1. Why inKin?

inKin Social Fitness Platform is a free service that allows you to connect with friends, relatives and coworkers with different fitness devices and apps.

We created inKin because we realized that people who use different fitness trackers couldn’t view each other’s results and achievements, and challenge and compete with each other. Users would have to either buy fitness wearables that his or her friends were already using, or convince them to switch to the preferred brand, which is even harder. 

You might ask: “Why would anyone want to view his or her friends’ number of steps or calories burnt? Does it really matter?” Well, it all comes down to our motivation; if you want to receive positive and sustained results on your way towards a healthier lifestyle, you can do two basic things:

1. Find a “partner in crime” – someone to start working out with, someone who will inspire you and help you to achieve your fitness goals, and won’t let you give up.

2. Get as many witnesses of your success as possible.

And we hope that inKin will help you with both of the above.

2. Is inKin free?


Yes, inKin is absolutely free! 

3. How many friends can I add?

The more, the merrier ☺ The higher the competition, the more fun it will be!

4. I already love my app that comes with the device, why do I need inKin?

Your app allows you to connect with friends and family who have the same fitness band. Whereas with inKin you can enjoy getting more competitive and beating more friends, because we offer cross device compatibility. Try us. If you don’t like inKin, you can always forget it ever existed.

5. What devices does inKin support?

We support all gadgets by Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone, Misfit, Withings, LumoiHealth, and The Moves app. To find out more about each brand and their fitness and health devices, please visit our wearables page.

6. My device is not on inKin. What do I do?

We are here to meet your needs and provide you with the best customer service. Therefore, one of our main goals is to constantly increase the number of supported devices & apps.  If your tracker or app is not on inKin yet, please drop us a line with your request at We will do our very best to find a quick solution.

7. I don't have a device. Can I use inKin?

Absolutely! We support the Moves,  Jawbone UP (iOS and Android) or Withings (iOS and Android) as well as the Apple HealthKit and Samsung Health apps.

8. I have an idea or suggestion. How do I contact the inKin team?

We welcome all feedback and would love to receive your ideas, comments and suggestions!

Please drop us a line at

The most active kins will receive our Brand Ambassador and inKin Dev badges.

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Connect your fitness tracker or app and compete with friends.