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03 May

9 Fun Apps to Track Your Sports Achievements

With that smartphone right there in your hand or your pocket, why would you need to spend your hard-earned money on trainers or expensive tracking systems? There are plenty of useful sensors right there in your phone, and with the myriad of apps available, all you need is a bit of discipline.

"I’ve learned that no matter how much money I spend or how great of a program I pay for, it is the discipline that makes all the difference, not cost" – says Nolan Gregory, a writer for aussiewritings.com.

If you have the discipline needed to pursue your physical goals, you can use a great app and track the progress and sports achievements. This is an important thing to do – tracking your miles, eating healthy food, exercising and overlooking your progress. If you want to be a success, you need a fierce reminder in the form of a trainer/ companion on your sports challenge.

Technology is changing so fast; it is very unlikely that there isn’t an app for what you need. Talking about sports achievements, this is a short roundup of the best apps that will help you keep your routines on track.


1. Runkeeper

Runkeeper lets you use GPS and log the pace of running, as well as track the distance on all your routes. In addition to this, you can set a goal on the app, after which it will keep you updated to remain on track. It does this by sending audio notifications.

Thanks to the music available on the app, you and listen to your favorite music while running, as well as skip a track you don’t like without having to leave the app. In combination with some nice headphones, it is the best running tracker available.


Photo Credit: Runkeeper


2. Map My Run

Chart your pace and running distance with the help of the app called MapMyRun. It combines tracking the calories you are burning as well as charting an elevation profile. Same as the previous app, this free app lets you control the music you are listening, as well as allows you to answer incoming calls without having to close it.

On Map My Run, you can also save previous workouts to track your success and share them with others.

Photo Credit: MapMyRun


3. Argus

Argus is an activity tracker that oversees everything – your calories, sleep, heart rate, and workout plan progress. By scanning the label of the barcode, you allow the app to track the calories you consume. Moreover, Argus lets you create challenges and track your progress based on the goals you have set for yourself.


Photo Credit: Azumio


4. Nike Training Club

Choose from a variety of hundreds of workouts that range from thirty to forty-five minutes. Enjoy the detailed and precise suggestions based on the goals you have set, as well as useful video and photo demonstrations that will tell you how to do the exercises.

Since the exercises and all other features are stored within the downloaded app, you can use them when offline, too.

nike training club

Photo Credit: Zula


5. Workout Trainer

Use Workout Trainer to get a consultation regarding the workout routines you need to improve your body and reach your goals. Synchronize the favorite music and set it to play in-between the videos and verbal instructions. The app also lets you share the workout and the plan with others via e-mail or social media.


6. SworkIt Lite

SworkIt does not ask you to go to the gym. It doesn’t even require it from you. Instead, this free app will let you use their many workout plans to achieve your goals. The plans are divided into four categories: cardio, strength, yoga, and stretching; and it is free of charge.


Photo Credit: Sworkit


7. Lose it! 

Want to track the food intake and activities all in one? This is an app that tracks literally everything you need, including your budget! Just enter the age, height, weight and your goal, and the app will take over the rest. It will construct a budget of calories based on exercise and diet that fit your goals.


Photo Credit: Loseit!


8. Fooducate

Do you know what’s in the food you are consuming? By simply scanning a barcode of the items you are purchasing or considering to buy, this app will give you all the nutritional facts about the product you need. In addition to it, you will get an overall grade, as well as some healthier alternatives you can choose from.

With it, you can finally avoid the fat and high sugar found in some product.


9. Google Fit 

Google’s app for fitness helps people track their pace and steps, as well as the distance from one point to another. Its advanced features allow you to switch from walking to running or cycling automatically, as well as synchronize the app with other apps to keep all the important details about your progress in one place.

Fitness apps are just the beginning of your sports achievements. Find a great app from this list and get your journey started!


google fit

Photo Credit: Pocket-lint

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