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inKin is an agile and highly customizable app that helps you to build healthy habits, stay on top of your physical and mental wellness goals and prevent burnout. Whether you want to use it for yourself or as part of the team, inKin is your go-to app for disciplining body and mind.


inKin is your go-to app for keeping track of your healthy tasks, activity, and health information. It’s easy and fun to use with friends, family, or co-workers because it helps you stay accountable and on top of your health goals. So whatever challenge you have for yourself to become a better version of yourself, we’ve got you covered!

Habit Builder

An efficient tool to help you build amazing habits and change your life. Whatever habit you have in mind, you can easily create it on our mobile app and track your progress. For example, if you are planning to quit smoking, cut sugar, or need to program yourself to start taking vitamins daily, inKin is here to help. You can use the habit builder or do it with your friends and family for accountability and support.

Health Score

Displays the individual's wellbeing status using readiness and stress indices. Gives you a good indication of burnout or stress.

Health and Fitness Data

20 health and fitness metrics to monitor and accumulate, including sleep, steps, activity, blood pressure, heart rate, weight, body measurements, and more.

Wellness Programs

You can create your own or trust the app to create a wellness program for you based on your needs and requirements. You can also use our technology to create a wellness program created by your personal trainer or wellness coach for better results and feedback.


inKin gives an insight into your team’s overall performance by monitoring the average sleep, activity level, and overall health score. Tracking this data will help you care for your employees and prevent them from burning out or losing performance. Do your team members get enough sleep? Do they move during the day or are stuck at their desks all day? Do they need some encouragement and wellness programs to maintain a better work-life balance and, hence, deliver better results for your business? inKin will help you to evaluate that and act accordingly.

Health and Wellness Stats and Reports

Give a good understanding of your team’s health and overall wellbeing

Easy-to-use Technology to Incorporate Wellness Programs

Nowadays, each company and organization must pay closer attention to its employees’ wellbeing (physical, mental, financial, etc.). And it can become overwhelming to decide on which way to go and what program to design and implement. We are here to help - with inKin you can either rely on our pre-made wellness programs or create your own. Have a wellness coach you would like to add to your private wellness hub? We have you covered here, too.

Higher Engagement and Team Spirit

Accountability can bring people together and help them with their goals. After 2020, you may have more team members living in different cities or countries or preferring to work from home rather than from the office. A wellness program with a friendly contest can help them stay in touch outside of work while encouraging each other to take care of their most crucial asset - their health, and inKin is the app for just that.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Have a cause you and your team are passionate about? Why not launch a friendly Walkathon to support that cause while tracking everyone’s contribution through a variety of fitness apps and wearable devices that we support?

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