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by inKin
24 Dec

10 Reasons Why You Need A Fitness Tracker This Christmas

It's this time of the year again, and you still haven't accomplished all your 2015's resolutions, am I right? I bet that going to the gym was one of them, but you haven't found the time this year to start doing it, even though you pay your membership every month.

Maybe what you need is a fitness tracker that measures your effort and burnt calories, and helps you achieve your fitness goals? Mmm, not so sure? Then here´s our list of 10 reasons why you do need a fitness device this Christmas.

1. By the end of the Christmas season, you are going to feel a little bit chubby after eating all that food.
2. Maybe these extra pounds are hurting your self-esteem.

3. You want people to stop telling you that you have gained some weight.
4. And let's be honest, you need some extra motivation to go to the gym, as you can be really lazy sometimes.

5. Because you are not one of these guys at the gym (not yet!).

6. You are paying your gym membership anyway, so maybe it's time to make the most of it.
7. You can finally compete with your family and friends (and even win!)

Remember that inKin lets you connect with your friends and family via different fitness devices and apps!

inKin Social Fitness Platform Global leaders


8. And you don't need to wear it only at the gym, it will also tell you how many calories you burn every day trying to catch the bus.

9. By the way, have I mentioned that a fitness tracker is a cool accessory, and you love them all.

10. And if you are fed up with reading all the reviews and you don't know which one is best for you, you can simply use our wearables comparison tool.

Remember a combo of 1) exercising regularly and 2) eating healthy is the best way to be happy.


Merry Christmas, kins!

Merry Christmas from inKin Team



Photo Credit: Bigstock

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