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by inKin
05 Apr

3 Spring-Inspired Social Challenges to Up Your Fitness Game

The grass is growing, the sun is shining, and your allergies are at savage level 10. That can mean only one thing – Spring has officially sprung. And here are 3 ways to get competitive this Spring all while having a lot of fun in the process.

1. Host An Easter Egg-ercise Hunt With A Unique Slant

Now that you are a grownup, the Easter Bunny may have stopped making rounds at your apartment, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot help him hide a few eggs around the neighborhood. Host an Easter egg hunt with your friends and have everyone bring in plastic eggs that are filled with hand-written challenges – aka “run 2 miles”, “complete 200 jumping jacks” or “hold a 3-minute plank.”

Make sure that each person makes at least 3 of their eggs “prize filled” too. This could include anything from low-calorie candy to cash or even lottery tickets. You could also consider prizes that cannot fit into an egg, numbering the prizes in a room and placing the corresponding prize number inside an egg. If you like, you could even make every prize fitness related. Be creative and make it fun! No one is going to bust their butt to get extra work, but everyone will be egg-cited to snag a prize. Once the hunt is over, the task filled eggs can serve as extra motivation when a workout is the last thing that you want to do.


2. Lose A Little To Win Big For Charity

Thanks to mild weather and sunny mornings, spring is a big time for local charities that are often hosting walk-a-thons to raise money for their cause. Think outside the walk-a-thon this year and help a charity of your choice with some friendly competition. Offices around the world are really beginning to take notice of just how important it is to encourage a culture of fitness in the workplace. Happier, healthier staff members not only perform better but they also take less sick days. That’s a real win/win for both employees and the companies that they serve.

Speak to your HR department at your office about a weight loss challenge. For every pound that workers lose, your company will then donate a set amount to the cause. This does not have to be one cause alone. You might consider having every team member choose a charity that resonates with them.  Not only will this increase your outreach, but it will also motivate each worker to push extra hard to achieve their goals because the cause is close to their own heart.


3. Hop To Better Health

Sure, it might be a little hokey, but if you are a young parent with a family and know other parents with children around the same age group as your own, this family challenge just might put a little extra spring in your family’s step. Make it a point to hop as much as possible. FYI, hopping is much like jumping rope and can help you to get in much more cardio activity through the day than walking alone. What will make this challenge fun is what you do to make the hop challenge unique.

Make this a social thing where you hop in funny outfits, hop around in funny places or photo-bomb-hop behind unsuspecting selfie-takers. You will find yourself constantly thinking of new, fun ways to one-up the families on your block and in doing so, not only will you be getting a little more exercise, but you will also be bonding together as a family.

Spring is a great time to focus in on fitness. After all, everything begins anew in Spring - even those New Year’s resolutions that you left behind three months ago.


Photo Credit: Depositphotos

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