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23 Oct

4 Cold Weather Workplace Fitness Techniques To Keep Your Team Active

Here are a few fun workplace-friendly ways to exercise with colleagues as the weather gets cold and how an employer can encourage staff to get active this winter.


1. The Warm-Up Club

Morning Calisthenics As Everyone Comes In from the Cold

It's a dance everyone knows how to do. As each chilly employee comes in from the cold, they shiver and stamp their feet and sometimes jump up and down a little to shake off the cold. Everyone shimmies out of their heavy coats, and many people kick off their snow-boots to reveal or switch into more appropriate work shoes.

Instead of passively watching this happen, organize it! Everyone needs a little exercise warm-up when the weather is coldest, and your team might have a blast joining the warm-up club. Set up some energetic or festive holiday music during the half-hour before the shift starts and get everyone to do their warm-up jumping together instead of one at a time. If callisthenics is your thing, do a little stretching and twisting. If you're a team of goofballs, try a little jazzercising on for size.

The warm-up club is a fantastic way to turn those freezing mornings into mood-lifting, blood-pumping way to start the workday together.


2. The Cold Fighters

Set Out Healthy Teas With Your Winter Hot Water and Cocoa Mix

Wintertime is the cold season, and not just because it's chilly outside. Team members are often coming in with the sniffles and fighting sore throats when the weather is iciest outside. This is when everyone stampedes for the warm comfort of the coffee pot, but coffee is realistically one of the worst possible substances for nursing a real cold.

Instead of just offering traditional coffee, put a second clean pot out just for hot water. Add a festive basket of hot cocoa mix and herbal teas your team can turn to when they need warm, healthy comfort the most. Throw in a few Cup-a-soup mixes, and you've got the perfect combination to keep everyone healthy and happy!


3. The Frosty Joggers

Organize a Group to Jog Around the Building at Morning or Lunchtime

Lunchtime jogging is a habit that many workplace teams get into. It might start as a formal workplace wellness effort or just a group of friends who enjoy speed-walking around the building during lunch to pep up, stay fit, and aid with digestion. And that tradition doesn't have to stop when the weather gets cold. In fact, when your breath is forming into clouds in the winter air, that is when we most need solidarity to get our lunchtime exercise in.

Encourage your team to form the frosty joggers, pacing at least one lap around the building in the cold to get the blood up and the stomach working properly before or after a nice warm lunch. The frosty joggers might even get new members as everyone realizes how fun it appears to come in rosy-cheeked and exhilarated from taking in the winter air.


4. The Lunch Wobblers

Set Up Wobble-Boards in the Break Room and a Wobble-Time Leader Board

Of course, going out into the chill at lunchtime isn't for everyone, but that doesn't mean they can't participate in winter team fitness. One creative way to get the whole team in on staying active during the cosiest time of year is to put a few wobble boards in the break room. Wobble boards are practically a fun childhood game while also training balance and muscle tone with every wobble.

Even better, post a whiteboard (or create a challenge on inKin) to track the amount of time your team members manage to wobble without touching the wall for balance and announce a wobble board champion each week. With the right team, this could become an all-year lunchtime fitness favourite.


Traditionally, winter is a time when fitness routines tend to slip in favour of keeping warm and cosy. But it doesn't have to be that way. With a lighthearted, healthy attitude, you can encourage your team to stay fit and active all winter long.


Photo Credit: Depositphotos

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