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19 Feb

5 Breathing Techniques to Practice at Work

It's easy to become overwhelmed by a hectic office environment. You want to be on top of your game at work and relaxing helps you do just that. We have provided five breathing exercises you can practice individually or as a group. Companies might want to consider implementing wellness programs into their work environments.

1. Feel Your Feet

If you work at a desk job, this is the perfect exercise for you. Breathe in and out with your feet flat on the ground. Feel your feet grounding you with each breath.


2. The "4-7-8" Breathing Technique

You can do this exercise while sitting down. Breathe in slowly and deeply. This should take four seconds. Hold your breath for seven seconds. Breathe out for eight seconds as silently as you can manage. You should have completely released your breath by the time you've counted to eight.

Repeat this process as needed. If you do this as a group, each person should place one hand on his chest and one hand on his stomach. You can also practice this exercise while laying down if you wish.


3. Belly Breathing

Focus on breathing a bit more deeply than you usually do. Breathe in through your nostrils and make sure you can feel your stomach moving as you do so. This will cause you a deeper amount of relaxation. It's wonderful to do this when you're really stressed out, and you notice that your breathing is becoming more shallow than usual.

If you do this as a group, each person should place one hand on her chest and one hand on her stomach. This exercise can also be practiced while laying down. You might want to try that if you wish to cultivate a deeper sense of relaxation.


4. Roll Breathing

This is a great exercise to do while you're sitting down in the office. Take a slow, deep breath from your lower lungs. Inhale using your nose. Exhale using your mouth. If you do this as a group exercise, have each person place one hand on his chest and one hand on his stomach.

You can repeat this breathing exercise up to eight times. Listen to your body to decide what will work for you. Exhale through your mouth, being sure to release your breath completely.

You can do this exercise in four to five minutes and still complete that hefty to-do list of yours. This exercise can be practiced laying down for the ultimate level of relaxation. You might want to gather your employees for a morning breathing exercise if you have a very demanding day ahead of you.


5. Count

When you are having trouble because your mind is swirling about your mile-long to-do list, make sure you have everything written down neatly, and then breath in and out as you count your breaths. This will help you focus on one task at a time and will lead to a much more productive day. This can be done silently if you are practicing the exercise on your own. If you're gathering your employees for a group breathing exercise, one person can count out loud as everyone else takes deep breaths.


Using a Corporate Wellness Platform

Using a corporate wellness platform can reduce the level of stress at work for everyone involved. Physically active employees are more in sync in the workplace. This will lead to better collaboration, a happier workforce, and healthier communication. The inKin Social Fitness Platform is an excellent social fitness that offers cross-compatibility for users with different devices who want to compete with one another. You can take a look at our website here.



Photo Credit: DepositPhotos

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