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by Terez
03 Feb

5 COVID-safe Valentine's Day Ideas

With Valentine's Day around the corner, you may be thinking, "so what? We're still in a pandemic." Don't be discouraged! There are still safe options at your disposal for you to acknowledge your love and appreciation for a partner, friend, relative, or anyone in your life who might be feeling the lockdown-blues.

Check out these COVID-safe Valentine's Day ideas:


Go for a drive-in movie!

Not only is this a fun and safe thing to do with a friend or partner, but with most movie theatres having to shut down due to the pandemic, many have pivoted to the drive-in movie model. Your support could help keep a local movie theatre in business!


Have an at-home spa day.

Who says you have to get dressed up and fancy to have a unique and relaxing Valentine's Day? This is especially cute to do with a friend or by yourself! Get some cucumber slices ready for your eyes, do a face/hair mask, exfoliate, paint your nails, pour yourself a glass of wine, chill in some robes, and treat yourself!


Visit a winery.

If you live in a warm climate, this is a great outdoor activity sprinkled with a little bit of romance! Your support also probably means a lot to wineries that may have experienced setbacks due to the pandemic.


Have game night!

This is great if you want to see your partner or a few of your close friends but don't feel comfortable going anywhere. Pour some drinks, whip out the board games, and have some fun competition going! 


Cook a special meal together.

We're not talking about some microwavable instant mashed potatoes here. Try to cook something fun or different with your partner or friend that will make this day feel a little special. We're not talking about something extravagant or a 5-star 4-course meal either. Just something that can allow you both to interact together in the kitchen and spend quality time prepping together. There's beauty in the process!


Ultimately, we hope this allows you to find happiness in the little things! Just because times may have been rough lately does not mean you shouldn't take advantage of a day that's intended to feel special, to make you feel like something today should feel different. Make the most of this Valentine's Day!




Photo Credit: Depositphotos

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