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by Zara
23 Dec

5 Fantastic Corporate Wellness Case Studies To Get Inspired By

In this post, we want to highlight the 5 businesses that have fantastic corporate wellness programs we can all learn from.

In today's business world, more and more companies are appreciating the benefits of corporate wellness. Corporate wellness increases employee engagement, decreases sick days, and lets employees know the company is truly looking after their wellness. At inKin, we love being able to contribute to the health of professionals with our corporate wellness solution. And in this post, we want to let you know about some corporate wellness case studies that show just how innovative and successful corporate wellness programs can be. So here are five fantastic corporate wellness case studies to get you thinking about what your business could do.


1. Houston Methodist

With health being the whole nature of their existence, it makes sense that a hospital network would have excellent corporate wellness. Houston Methodist has seven locations throughout Houston and uses Fitbits as the core of their wellness program. According to an article in Mashable, Houston Methodist has provided its employees with over 11,000 Fitbit devices. As you can imagine, the employees have been excited about this perk from the very beginning of the program. Houston Methodist also provides biometric screenings for their staff to help them stay on top of their fitness goals.

The Fitbits allow employees to compete against one another for highest step counts. Past competitions include Battle of the Sexes, Beat the CEO, and drawings for big cash prizes for those who hit a certain step goal. According to the article, "since implementing this program, Houston Methodist's 'Best Companies to Work For' Fortune ranking has gone up."

The director of employee benefits, Janay Andrade says they are very proud of their Fortune rankings and the emphasis they have placed on employee wellness. 


2. Google

Of course, people would expect Google to have a great corporate wellness program since they are so well-known for their amazing campuses and being such a popular place to work. Google offers a whole host of unique corporate wellness perks. Staff can swim in a lap pool on campus, play ping pong, take fitness classes like kickboxing, or even take a nap in a nap pod. Google's approach to wellness is very holistic. They encourage employees to teach classes to other Google employees, allowing them to tap into their strengths. These classes include fitness classes, among many other subjects.


3. Motley Fool

The stock advising company—Motley Fool—also encourages their employees to take advantage of a variety of corporate wellness activities. The Chief Wellness Fool, Sam Whiteside, explains in the Mashable article that each month they put out a newsletter highlighting one employee nominated by their peers who is excelling and inspiring others in the wellness category. The newsletter is called The Flex.

Whiteside also comes up with a different fitness challenge each month. For instance, a challenge where staff had to make one meeting a day an active meeting. From pushup breaks in a meeting to walk-and-talk meetings, employees were always guessing what would get them out of their seats and those leading meetings could use their creativity to keep employees engaged. 

Another thing Motley Fool does to encourage wellness is offer 50% reimbursement off of race entries. This perk gets the staff to run races together and provides a way for people in different departments to spend time together off the clock. Whiteside even helps employees pick races to enter and helps them train if they are new to running. Motley Fool's corporate wellness involvement is at 86%!


4. Zappos

Zappos is an innovator in bringing their customers shoes and other goods but they are also innovators when it comes to corporate wellness. They offer some of the usual corporate wellness perks like gym memberships, race reimbursements, and nap rooms. But they also want people to organically decide they want to be active. Wellness coordinator Kelly Maher sees that as a key to success of any corporate wellness program.

Maher takes groups of employees to do different activities like a golf lesson or to an indoor trampoline park—things they may want to try but probably wouldn't go on their own. And perhaps the most fun wellness idea at Zappos is "Recess Tuesdays." On Tuesdays, employees are welcome to go outside whenever they want and use recess equipment, like playing some basketball, four square, volleyball, or whatever else they can come up with. 


5. Draper, Inc.

Draper provides creative solutions in a few different realms, mainly audio-visual and presentation products, window shades and solar control solutions, and gym and athletic equipment. This company has been around for the long haul—founder Luther O. Draper began manufacturing window shades in 1902! Part of their success over the years is how much they care about their people.

One way Draper employees can stay fit is at their on-site track and workout stations called their Wellness Park. The Wellness Park also has volleyball courts and table tennis. Employees are encouraged to spend time cruising the track or start a game of pick-up volleyball to keep moving throughout the day. This Indiana company also does challenges like a weight loss challenge where employees can win gift cards and cash prizes for shedding unwanted pounds. The wellness coordinator, Linda Brinson, has a passion for wellness herself. She provides Weight Watchers classes, Zumba classes, and more.


While each of these companies provides their employees with amazing corporate wellness programs there is a lot you can learn from and implement in your business. Perhaps you are in the position in your business where you can create something large-scale like basketballs courts or space for naps and massage.

But even if that isn't possible and you have a limited budget there are many smaller-scale ideas any business could adopt as their own. Such as, for example:


If you are looking for a simple and cost-effective corporate wellness tool, contact us at inKin today.

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