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09 Dec

5 Tips To Keep Your Employees Mentally Fresh

Many times, while we are working rather than focusing on the task in hand, we start dwelling on the past or worry about our future. We lose interest in work and start replaying the past conversations in our head, i.e. what we must have said or done at that moment. It can create the fear of the future that distracts our mind from our work as well. These thoughts can have an immense impact on your overall productivity and performance.


These thoughts are not necessarily related to your personal life but to the workplace environment as well. A survey suggests that 14.7 % of people experience mental health issues in their workplace. One way to overcome these thoughts during work is to practice mindfulness at your workplace or practice simple mental health exercises that help in giving exclusive attention to the present moment. 


Advantages of Mindfulness at Workplace 

Practicing mindfulness at the workplace can bring significant benefits not only to the employees but to the employers as well. Infusing mindfulness in your everyday tasks helps in:

  • Boosting your creativity at work and your daily tasks
  • Reducing stress and anxiety as well as makes your mind relaxed
  • Allows you to quickly acclimate the new circumstances and tackle various tasks at a time
  • Helps in improving the focus at work, increasing the problem-solving abilities
  • Enhancing your overall wellbeing.


Strategies that Help in Keeping the Employees Mind Fresh 

Most of the employees these days suffer from stress and anxiety due to too much burden at their workplace at the impact of their work performance. Employers must take some effective measures to keep their employees mind fresh. Employees are the main asset of every organization, and practicing mindfulness will be beneficial for the company's progress. 

Here are some of the mindfulness techniques for the employee's mental health.  


1. Allocate A Specific Time for Meditation 


Mindfulness is the ability of the human being to completely aware and present of what they are doing and do not overreact on the situations or surroundings. We are bombarded with so many tasks, emails, meetings or calls that it gets challenging to sustain our focus on one task at a time. Your mind will wander about other tasks until you get over with it. 

Employers or managers do not need to control every single minute of their workforce. It would help if you allocated a specific time for practicing mindfulness meditation. Be it in the morning or before lunch, gather everyone in a conformable room and meditate for 10-15 minutes. Sit in a relaxed position and focus on your breathing. This will allow your employees to improve their focus at work. 


2. Providing Employees with Comfortable Space and Facilities


Creating a work environment that is comfortable and friendly is significantly essential. Rigid work schedules, too much burden, bad experiences will make the employees feel overwhelmed, worried and mentally drained. What you can do is provide a separate place at your workplace where they can relax, dream or think about positive things. 

You can even introduce a game area for them that helps in making their mind fresh. Taking the example of personal statement help service providers, that allows their employees to work in a healthy environment by offering them short activities.  


3. Introducing Mindfulness Programs  


Introduce weekly or monthly sessions at your workplace related to mindfulness and encouraging your employees to practice it. You can even keep small group discussion on topics such as anxiety, work stress or mental health. Where everyone interacts and suggest strategies to handle it effectively, enhancing the employee's ability to cope up with daily stress can be achieved through mindfulness and wellness programs. 


4. Encourage A Positive Environment


A positive and relaxed work environment enhances the productivity of the employees. You must educate your employees to practice anxiety management, that is an efficient way to improve your employee's performance. 

You must encourage then to take a good night's sleep and adopt healthy habits. Provide your employees with healthy snacks. Encourage a friendly and happy work environment that further reduces the stress levels. Also allow your workforce to discuss their workloads and unrealistic deadlines and create a flexible environment for them.  


5. Allowing Short Breaks


Allow your employees to take full advantage of their lunch breaks and leaving time. Do not allow late sittings. Moreover, even let them take short breaks in between to relax to fresh their mind. Always working will lead to exhaustion and stress. 

Make sure to give your employees leaves without any disturbance from work. This will help in increasing their productivity and creativity level.

To sum up, it can be said that practicing mindfulness is indeed necessary at the workplace to enhance the employee's work output. These strategies will significantly help in keeping your employees stress free and fresh.


There are so many platforms available online that offers various mindfulness support and challenges. inKin is one of the best among those. You can create a private platform and run multiple wellness challenges, including a meditation challenge. It will motivate the employees to take care of their physical and mental health. 



Photo Credit: https://cdn.mindful.org/Meditation-Mindfulness-1-1024x640.jpg

Photo Credit: Depositphotos

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