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17 May

5 Types of Fitness Apps to Get You Motivated

Whether you're trying to get in shape or stay that way, exercising and eating right are a challenge for everyone. Life is hectic, busy, and exhausting, which means staying fit is tough.

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Luckily there are a plethora of smart phone apps available to track every aspect of your fitness. From simply essential to ultra motivational, here are the five different types of fitness apps on the market to get your body in shape!


1. Fitness-Tracking Apps

Keeping track of ingested calories is a simple yet important first step in fitness. Calorie counting fitness apps rely on honest input from the user, but provide helpful information in return, like nutrient breakdowns and calorie goals. MyFitnessPal is a great calorie counter with a bar code scanning option for easy input. This app also helps track exercise either manually or with fitness trackers for more accurate calorie goals.


Photo Credit: MyFitnessPal

Fitness-tracking apps allow your smart phone or connected device to track your physical activity, like steps taken, distance traveled, and pace maintained, to provide accurate data about your exercise. The FitbitNokia Health, Jawbone UP and Moves apps are clean, easy-to-use tools for fitness tracking. 

moves app

Fitness tracking and calorie counting apps can usually be set to send the user reminders about exercising and tracking goals. A motivational nudge from your device is enough to get some people motivated. For those less enthused there are more engaging fitness apps available to inspire, encourage, and motivate!


2. Workout Fitness Apps

Workout fitness apps are massively popular for both novices who might be unsure about how to structure their workouts and swoll beasts who need to keep to a strict routine. There are a lot of great workout apps on the market, but a few are especially motivating and easy to use. The Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout app encourages the user to fit short workouts into their busy schedules. The app has longer workouts, but it offers the best, in short, guided workouts for busy people. 

Fit Radio, on the other hand, provides music as the source of structure for the workout. This app creates a playlist of songs that all maintain a consistent beat for a rhythmic workout like running or biking.

fit radio

Photo Credit: FitRadio

We also love the Fitplan app that provides a variety of famous athletes and fitness figures for you to choose and literally work out with. Whether you have a specific goal (working on those glutes) or just need a plan to follow daily, Fitplan will do the trick for you.


3. Social Fitness Apps

Still not motivated? Social fitness apps are a great motivator for the active social media user. Social fitness apps allow users to share their fitness data with friends, family, and other users. Some social fitness apps like inKin allow users to connect with people on other fitness apps and devices that wouldn't normally be compatible with each other. Users can also create challenges and competitions that can be joined across fitness device platforms.  In today's social media obsessed world we all want to share our goals and accomplishments. Social fitness apps do just that.

inkin social app

4. Competitive Fitness Apps

If simply sharing your fitness data isn't enough to get you moving, it's time to take it to the next level with competitive apps. Some competitive apps connect users with their friends, while others provide more anonymous competitive motivation. Strava is an app for running and bicycling that allows users to compete against each other for the best time on particular routes. 

strava app

Photo Credit: Strava

5. Altruistic Fitness Apps

If extra cash in your pocket still isn't enough, maybe it's time to give back. With apps like Charity Miles, you can use your exercise to give to a good cause. These apps track your runs and bike rides, allowing corporate sponsors donate to the charity of your choice on your behalf for every mile you complete. Few things are more motivating than being given the opportunity to support a social cause that means something to you.

No more excuses. Time to get motivated! With these free fitness apps at your fingertips, there has never been a better time to get up and get moving!

Photo Credit: Depositphotos

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