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by Zara
16 Jan

6 Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire You to Take Up Yoga

From strength training to running to cross-training, there are a variety of ways to get your body up and moving. However, at the center of every training program is the basic ability to move your body. There is no better way to keep your body in motion than by practicing yoga. Yoga not only promotes flexibility and increased physical health and fitness, but also serves as a natural stress reliever and spurs on better self-awareness. Becoming a yogi might be just what you need for a more balanced life physically, mentally, and spiritually. To get you started on your yoga journey, we have compiled a list of six of the most inspiring yoga accounts on Instagram.

1. Yoga For the Non-Flexible

Yoga For the Non-Flexible is just the Instagram account you need to inspire your yoga fitness journey. The account has an impressive 1.1 million followers and will inspire you to build and improve your yoga practice through fun and informative photos and videos.

2. Dylan Werner Yoga

Dylan Werner is an international yoga teacher. He is currently travelling the world, sharing his love for yoga practice. His Instagram account of beautiful images and breathtaking videos will inspire you to engage in your daily yoga practice. You can even check out his website to learn more about yoga and his training. 

3. Summer Perez Yoga

Summer Perez is a popular yoga instructor that will show you that parenthood and yoga practice can go hand in hand. Summer started her yoga practice as a way to fight depression and panic attacks. Yoga quickly became a part of her daily routine. Summer uses her Instagram account to share stunning photos of her yoga practice, some of which feature her two children engaging in yoga with her. 

4. DJ Townsel Yoga

DJ Townsel is a former NFL wide receiver turned international yoga instructor. His Instagram account is a collection of yoga, fitness, family, and lifestyle images. DJ will not only inspire you to take up yoga but to live better in all aspects of your life. You can check out his personal website to learn more about his yoga training and health journey.

5. Patrick Beach Yoga 

Patrick Beach is an international yoga instructor based in Seattle, Washington. He is the creator of Awakening Yoga Academy and was named one of the Top 100 Most Influential Yoga Teachers by Greatist & Sonima Live. Patrick shares inspiring photos and videos that depict his yoga practice, family, and overall lifestyle. His Instagram account will inspire you to live a life rooted in health and wellness. You can even check out some of his follow along with yoga videos on YouTube.

6. How to Practice Yoga 

The last on our list, but indeed not the least Instagram account to check out is How to Practice Yoga. This account provides entertaining and helpful tips to improve both your yoga practice and overall health through fun photos, videos, and memes. It's a lighthearted resource that will encourage you as you move through your health and fitness journey. 

We hope this list serves you well as you start your yoga journey and inspires you to lead a healthier lifestyle. Instagram is home to a variety of health and wellness accounts that can serve as inspiration as you embark on a journey of better health and physical fitness. Remember, Instagram is only a highlight real. We all have ups and downs on our fitness journeys. Don't compare yourself to wellness accounts on Instagram; simply use them to encourage yourself to make your positive health and fitness changes in your life.

Before you embark on this new health-centered lifestyle, choose a fitness tracking app to help you stay accountable. inKin is the app that provides the pocket motivation you need to stay on track throughout your new workout regime — download inKin today to keep track of your fitness activity and fitness milestones.

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