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10 Oct

6 Smart Tricks To Make Yourself Take Fitness Breaks At Work

The most common answer to the question: ‘Why aren't you exercising?' isn't lack of knowledge of the importance it has for a person's health, but lack of time.

When you think about it, this is more of an excuse than a reason. Because everyone has the same amount of time in a day and some still keep up with a healthy exercise routine, the only one to blame for not exercising is yourself.

Busy as you probably are, you will find it hard to fit everything in a schedule. However, health should be on the top of your list since, without it, you can't expect to have the strength and energy to finish the rest of your to-do list. ‘'Most people are in serious denial about the benefits fitness brings regarding their health. I found it impossible to fit fitness in my regular schedule, so I went a different way – I do it during work breaks.'' – says Katie Jackson, writer at BestEssays.

For people who spend hours at the workstation and motionless most of the time, fitness is a necessity. To learn how to squeeze some activity into your passive daily routine and still get everything done at work, here are some tips for at-an-office exercising.


1.   Start Slowly

When you finally decide to add fitness on your to-do list, half of the job is already done. Of course, you need to keep yourself motivated and keep exercising as part of a daily routine. But if you rush the process, you are very likely to get tired too fast or lose motivation before you even start exercising for real.

It doesn’t have to be something very active right away. You can do some basic fitness exercises right there at your desk, or even begin this routine with some unnoticeable changes that will keep you in shape, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking further from the entrance, or even better – using your bicycle to get to work.

Once you add these minor activities in your day, you are ready to fit in an actual workout, preferably during lunch break. A 10-minute workout every day will help you burn calories and keep yourself energized without getting so sweaty that you need to go home and get a shower.

Tip: A dry shampoo in your office bathroom can come very handy after an exercise.


2.   Work Out Outside Your Office

Many people find it hard to get accustomed to doing push-ups against their wall or inside a cubicle. These are often a reason for ridicule and strange looks from co-workers, so if it is too much for you to handle, you can always insert a workout routine outside the office.

If you have a substantial amount of time during lunch break, you can find a gym nearby and exercise for, let's say, half an hour. This will give you enough time to take a shower and get back to your office fresh and energized.
Tip: Some prefer to run a couple of miles, shower and get back to work.


3.   Remember – Work Comes First

Since you decided to exercise during work, this is something you definitely must remember. Don't let exercise damage your work performance. Instead, add it to your lunch break or any other period when you don't have work to do. In the office, work always comes first.

In the meantime, and while working, try to eat something healthy and drink plenty of water. This way, your exercise will be more comfortable and more successful, and you'll be promoting your health all at the same time.

Tip: Learn to prioritize – if you have to skip on exercise because of a meeting, make up for it at lunch break.


4.   Go to Work Prepared

You wouldn’t want to be all sweaty during a meeting just because you decided to work out during the break. Take some extra clothing to work, the dry shampoo, and any other items you might need to continue working.

Wherever you are, you need to be prepared and have the necessary gear. This applies especially to work.

Tip: Pack a bag with workout clothes. When you are done, you can just dress up in the same clothes you came into work that day, and no one will know that you used the break to exercise.


5.   Don’t Skip Lunch

Nutrients and hydration are the essentials for keeping up your energy levels. Whether you’ve decided to implement exercise into your routine or not, you should never, ever skip eating healthy food while at work.

Since the most suitable time to exercise at work is during lunch break, when can you eat?

Simply add a healthy packed lunch into that bag you packed with the exercise equipment and enjoy a healthy meal while providing your body with the nutrients it needs. This will give you plenty of time to exercise.

Tip: Get some protein bars, vegetables, or hard-boiled eggs to eat an hour before exercising to keep you full. You can eat the actual lunch after the exercise.


6.   Research to Stay Motivated

In the beginning, you might find exercise too much to handle in a busy work schedule. With time, this will change, and you will notice the significant differences exercise makes for your body and your energy. When you feel like you are losing motivation, do some research to back you up and keep you moving around.

There are so many benefits from exercising that go beyond improved psychical appearance. The interests that will keep you motivated include stress reduction, improved stamina, increase in creativity and enthusiasm, and even improved job performance!

And most importantly, exercise will help you think faster and keep your energy levels high. This means goodbye for all those cups of coffees you usually drink during a workday.


The Bottom Line

Regardless of where you work and what you do, your body is not ready to stand for hours and hours in a seated position. This is slowly harming your health, which means that it is time for you to add exercise to your work routine. Some fitness at work will raise your productivity levels, keep you energized and healthy, and boost your work performance. 


Photo Credit: Pixabay



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