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by inKin
14 Sep

7 Awesome Reasons To Start A Wellness Program At Your College

If your college or university doesn't have a wellness program, there are several compelling reasons to start one.

Such a program helps your employees stay physically and emotionally healthy. This is a resource that has a positive impact on your institution. Here are the top 7 reasons to start a wellness program at your college. 


1. Encourage Healthy Habits

A wellness program provides useful information about health and wellness. It also reminds people of principles and practices that they already know but might forget about. A wellness program helps to encourage and motivate your employees in areas such as:

· Quit smoking

· Reduce alcohol consumption.

· Eat more whole foods, fruits, and vegetables.

· Lose weight.

· Exercise regularly or at least increase the level of their everyday activity.

· Reduce stress.

These are familiar topics but still ones that many people struggle with. A wellness program at your college reminds people how important these and other wellness principles are. Additionally, they're given tools and advice on how to accomplish these goals. 


2. Improve Productivity and Reduce Absenteeism

When people are fit and healthy, they take fewer sick days. They perform better on the job. Productivity increases all around. This helps your college run more smoothly. It's always inconvenient when faculty takes time off work. A good wellness program provides health and nutrition tips as well as motivation to exercise, helping to keep your college healthier. 


3. Teach People to Control Stress 

Wellness programs don't only focus on issues such as diet and exercise. They also guide people to reduce stress and improve their emotional well-being. This, of course, is also an important factor for improving health. It also has less tangible benefits such as improving relations and reducing workplace tension. As college employees learn to reduce stress, they can also relate better to students and get more accomplished.


4. Improve Job Performance

There's little question that healthy and fit people are better at their jobs. This goes beyond the issue of people taking fewer sick days and how they perform when they're actually at work. This is especially important for college faculty whose job is to teach, inspire, and engage with students on a daily basis - a job that takes a certain amount of energy and mental focus. When professors and other faculty are healthy, they're in a better position to share their knowledge and bring out the best in students.  


5. Reduce Health Costs

There's ample evidence that wellness programs save companies money on health care costs. This works for colleges as well as companies and other types of organizations. As your employees get more knowledgeable about health issues and take better care of themselves, they'll have less need for medications, medical procedures, and other expensive health care services. Wellness programs focus on prevention and education, which help people avoid many health problems.


6. Build Community

A wellness program isn't only good for your employees' health; it also helps foster socializing and community (which actually may improve people's health as well). Many wellness activities are more fun when participants have partners or engage in group activities. Your employees might, for example, use an app for friendly competitions in walking, jogging, losing weight, or other areas relevant to health and wellness. They can discuss their goals and share results. Wellness is an enjoyable and social pursuit as well as a practical one.


7. Improve Employee Recruitment and Retention

A wellness program is a feature that, by improving the overall quality of life at your college, helps you retain your best employees. It's also a factor that helps you recruit talent in the future. Everyone wants to work at an organization that has positive and forward-looking practices. A wellness program shows that you're committed to the health and well-being of your employees. This helps make your college a place where people want to work and remain. 

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