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by inKin
17 Jan

7 Heavenly SPA Treatments That Will Make You Book A Massage Right Away

Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a combination of strategies (or call you what you will...activities, goals) to keep healthy. The list sounds like a well-versed mantra: eat well, exercise, get enough sleep and avoid unhealthy lifestyles and habits. But wait a minute. How about taking it easy? Especially when your body is stiff and painful from exercise or stressed from work or life's demands.


Relaxation is a great way to reset your health equilibrium. Treat yourself to one of the relaxing spa treatments to unwind and recharge. So, if you're looking to promote health in a holistic way, consider this guide to 7 SPA treatments that will keep you happy, healthy and well.


1. Swedish Massage

One of the most common forms of massage therapies that promote relaxation and general wellbeing. If you just want to de-stress and unwind, Swedish massage promises just that. With its gentle, smooth strokes, kneading and circular movements applied to the body, usually with the use of oil or lotion, the massage eases stressed muscles and encourages blood circulation. Studies show that it helps to lower cortisol, stress hormones, and increase oxytocin also known as the love hormone,  an essential ingredient in building a relationship and bonding. And as we know, having friends, family and support group help to promote happiness and wellbeing.


2. Shiatsu Massage

A Japanese-inspired massage that works on the ancient Chinese concept of Qi, a life force that is responsible for wellness in the body. When Qi flows freely through the body meridians, serving different body systems without blockage, the body is in optimal health. With this concept in mind, Shiatsu massage uses finger pressure to stimulate the flow of energy along the meridians and help the body regain equilibrium and balance. Each pressure point is held for two to eight seconds, and the application is light, yet firm enough to release qi blockage.


3. Hot Stone Massage

If your muscles are tense and strained, a hot stone massage may be in order. Although hot stones used in massage is not new, the popularity surged after Mary Nelson, an Arizona massage therapist introduced her own take on hot stone massage. Hot stone massage uses smooth river rocks, often heated to 120 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, and placed on key points on the body to promote circulation. The therapist also uses the stone to massage the body to relax the muscles, that allows to apply deeper pressures to sore areas if needed.  


4. Thai Massage

Thai massage originated 2,500 years ago, developed by an Indian physician. It then found its way to Thailand, where it marries Ayurvedic techniques with traditional Chinese medicine. The massage therapist uses her hands, knees, legs and feet to move the body in a series of yoga-like stretches, together with acupressure to decompress muscle and encourage joint mobility. It's like you've been to a yoga class, without doing all the hard work. You will feel relaxed, energized and revitalized


5. Balinese Massage

As the name suggests, Balinese massage hails from Bali, an island in Indonesia, and it combines various techniques including acupressure, reflexology, and aromatherapy for maximum effect. Although there are variations of Balinese massage, a typical Balinese begins with a cleansing foot massage.  The therapist may use fresh product ingredients (such as fruits, herbs, and spices) or essential oils to apply the massage strokes. Massage techniques such as pressure point, palm pressure, sliding, long and short exploration and kneading are used to work every muscle in the body. It relaxes your muscle, calms the nervous system and bring the body into balance.


6. Reflexology

In a scene from Raise The Red Lantern, one of the concubines vying for the attention of their master, said, "Don't underestimate the foot massage, if you get one every day, you will be ruling the household." Turns out the feet may be larger (in importance) than we think. The nerves found therein correspond to the major organs in the body - liver, gallbladder, kidneys, bladder, spleen, and stomach. By applying pressure to crucial points on the feet, proponents believe that the stimulation will benefit the organs associated with them. The therapist may use rubber balls, rubber bands, and sticks to assist the massage. The massage also includes hands and ears. According to Mayo Clinic, various studies have shown that reflexology may relieve anxiety, depression, insomnia and pain.


7. Ayurvedic Massage

Over 5,000 years of history shaped Ayurvedic massage. Often practiced as part of the overall Ayurvedic therapy, this form of massage uses a variety of therapeutic oils to promote healing and relaxation of mind, body, and soul. It works on the concept of marmas (similar to acupressure points) and chakras (7 identified vortexes of energy), and a skillful therapist can work these vital areas to clean channel flow and revitalize the body.

There are more types of massage therapy such as deep tissue massage, sports and therapeutic, among others. Consider using one of these alternative methods to stay healthy.


Photo Credit: Bigstockphoto

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