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by inKin
05 Aug

How You Should Train Based on the Zodiac

Our health and wellbeing depend on the food we eat, genes we inherit, the ecology of the city we are living in, the number of hours we sleep, the list can go on and on. And while taking control of the health, diet, and workouts, why not consider one more factor — the day we were born. Many people believe the arrangement of planets and stars on that day affects many parts of our lives and the choices we make. Based on that theory, we suggest you try out something new and adjust your training regimen according to the astrological sign and what it says about you. You may believe it or not, but anyway, it's an excellent opportunity to step out of the comfort zone and try out something new. So, give it a chance and find out what workout you should do based on the zodiac sign!

Aries (March 21 — April 19)

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and as it goes, they like to be the best out of the group. But this isn't the defining feature of their character. Born under the Aries are bold, ambitious, and motivated. Hence, choose a working out regiment that can fit this drive and passion and satisfy the spirit of adventure.

Aries is quite competitive. That's why metric-based workouts like cycling can provide Aries with a sense of friendly competition, will push them to test their boundaries, and discover what they are capable of. But one of the characteristics of this sign is that they tend to lose interest after a while. So, switch up the spinning classes with some HIIT workouts. But don't choose classes that require paying attention to details and nuances, as it's not compatible with the dynamic nature of this zodiac sign.

Another important thing to remember, Aries often expects quick results and can push themselves too hard to achieve it. But starting something new, try to be patient and remember that it takes time to see changes and learn it. Otherwise, there is a chance you can hurt yourself, and instead of enjoying the results you've reached, you will take twice as much time to recover and get back to work.


Taurus (April 20 — May 20)

Taureans are ambitious, focused, and resilient. And although they enjoy comfort, sometimes maybe too much, they have patience and like to stick to a routine. That's why cyclic sports are good zodiac workouts for them. Taurus has all that it takes to become a runner. Their persistence and ability to maintain the system can help them to train for long-distance runs and marathons, which usually requires adjustments in many other spheres of life.

Taurus is an earth sign. They are driven to something real and practical and are good at achieving tangible results. Hiking can be a fun and grounding experience for Taurus. Surrounded by nature, its sounds, and beauty, you will get moving and relieve stress from the body and mind.

But remember that you workout for your health and wellbeing, and not to prove someone is wrong. Taurus is known for its steadfast nature and stubbornness. That's why working out when you feel a need to prove a point, remind yourself why you are doing it. Why are you waking up for a run? To prove to your friends that they are not that disciplined or to live a healthier and longer life. Good intentions can make a difference. 


Gemini (May 21 — June 20)

To some extent, Gemini can be described as hyperactive air signs with a short attention span. The best workout for this zodiac sign is something spontaneous, that will keep them entertained. One of the options is aero yoga. Even for those Gemini who's tried regular yoga, the aero version will bring something new and exciting. Aero yoga still has a mindful and spiritual aspect of ensuring a mental exercise, but it's also a workout that will keep Gemini engaged and entertained. If aero yoga is just not for you, experiment! Think of how you can spice up your workouts. 

Gemini is a fun and loving sign. They can thrive in a team, that's why it's worth trying some group workouts, for example, Zumba or dance classes. Dance gives freedom of movement, a chance to learn and do something new. While group dynamics go hand-in-hand with the outgoing nature of Gemini. 

There is also a twist. Gemini is impulsive and thus can lose focus and turn to something new. If your goal is to keep fit, then there is no much difference between switching the routine every once in a while or sticking to one class and one instructor. But if you want to achieve a goal, then you will need to fight with your nature to stay focused and do even the boring, repetitive tasks on the way. 


Cancer (June 21 — July 22)

Cancer is a highly intuitive sign. People born under this sign can easily pick up the energies of a group in a room. That's why the best zodiac sign workout is something that will help Cancer to zone out and rejuvenate, release all the energy they've gathered throughout the day. Try out different variations of yoga. As a Cancer, you will be motivated that every move is intentional. Also, yoga will help you to leave everything behind and dive into the practice. There are many types of yoga with different levels of intensity and mindful practices. Plus, it's a workout you can do at home in case you've inherited a lack of confidence some Cancers have.

As a water sign, Cancer will enjoy water workouts. Swimming is always a good choice as the water has a calming nature. It washes off daily worries and gives new energy to go for what is essential for you. Cancer can be moody and sensitive to the actions of others. That's why if you feel like interactive sports will leave you irritated, then it's better to avoid them. 


Leo (July 23 — August 22)

Leo is a bright sign you can definitely spot in the crowd. They love attention. They are the life of every party. Leos love to express themselves creatively, and workouts must fit this playful energy. One of the best exercises for this zodiac sign is Zumba. It's fun and active, and also gives Leo a chance to put on a show and be in the spotlight. Plus, it's a high-intensity workout that can burn up to 900 in one hour. Leo isn't a solo runner, this sign enjoys people and attention. And this is one more point in favor of Zumba classes. Dance classes can also suit Leo's character. 

Leo is also known for approval and attention-seeking traits. That's why it's important for them to remember that not everybody goes to the classes to build new social connections or compete for the spotlight. Always striving for approval and admiration can be quite exhausting, especially if you are one out of 20 in a group. Remember, the job of an instructor is to pay attention if everybody makes the exercise right and not to pick the favorites. 


Virgo (August 23 — September 22)

Virgo is a practical and methodical sign. They follow a systematic approach to life and often seek perfectionism. The ideal workout for this zodiac sign should let them relax and follow the flow instead of controlling it. One of the options of meditative and therapeutic activities is yoga. It's known for its positive benefits for mental health and wellbeing. Yoga helps to be more aware of the body, release tension, and calm down the mind. For Virgo looking for something more challenging, there is hot yoga, ashtanga or power yoga with the more intense flow. 

Another prominent characteristic of this sign is critical thinking. Virgos can be quite critical to themselves and the others, over-thinking the situation and its possible consequences. Meditative workouts will help to let go of the worries and focus on the present moment. Otherwise, over-thinking leads to frustration and signs of aggression. 


Libra (September 23 — October 22)

Libra is an air sign. People born under this sign are peaceful, always seeking balance and harmony. Ballet is a good choice for Libras. If it's already too late to start dancing, try out barre classes. It's a ballet-inspired workout combining strength training and elegant dance and Pilates moves. Even though it looks like you are doing the smallest movement during the class, barre is an excellent full-body workout.

Libras flourish in a partnership or surrounded by a group of people. It's a fundamental trait of their character. If it applies to you, try out a couple workouts or any shared activities. Considering that Libras are also known for being a bit lazy and indecisive, good companionship can be a motivation to workout and do one more step when you are already tired and ready to give up. 


Scorpio (October 23 — November 21)

Scorpio is a water sign, but it's usually mistaken for the fire one because of its energy and character. Scorpios like to control the situation, they stick to their decisions and principles and don't want to compromise even with the close ones. They can be a bit aggressive, even if they hold back all the emotions and seem pretty calm. That's why the best zodiac workout is something that can provide emotional release. It can be cycling, HIIT workout, rock climbing, or any intense routines that act as a trigger to free all emotions, aggression, and energy. 

Another option is to release all the energy on the boxing session. Scorpios are good at analyzing the situation and thinking several steps ahead. That's why boxing is so compatible with the Scorpio's character. It's challenging, requires work of the whole body, and also includes mental work, strategies, and taking control over the situation. 


Sagittarius (November 22 — December 21)

Sagittarius is a positive, adventurous, full of life astrological sign. They are bursting with energy; that's why people born under the Sagittarius sign are ultimate multi-taskers. One thing is never enough for them. And this should be represented in the workout Sagittarius does. Crossfit or any cross-training is a good workout for this zodiac sign. It combines tons of different techniques, both with body weight and some equipment. Working out in circles, Sagittarius will always switch the movements and will never get bored.

What can hold a Sagittarius back is its inability to stick to schedules. Sagittarius is often impatient and sometimes even careless. But in terms of wellness, some things require time and consistent actions over and over again. That's why it's important to always look for new variations of things you are already tired of.


Capricorn (December 22 — January 19)

Capricorn is a very self-disciplined and hard-working sign. They have the drive to set goals and commit to things for a long period. That's why Capricorns are good at sports requiring endurance, patience, and precision, for example, long-distance running. Besides the fact that it's an excellent physical workout, running is a mental game. Our body signals that it's tired much earlier than it really is about to fall. Capricorn's determination and discipline will help to overcome this fatigue and keep on pushing. As a reward, running improves mental health and triggers the release of serotonin.

The biggest challenge for this sign is to enjoy the process. Capricorn sometimes takes life too seriously and focuses too much on details and achieving goals. It's good to go for what you want, but if you don't enjoy the workout, then chances are high that one day you will quit. Personal interest and engagement is a big part of people's motivation. 


Aquarius (January 20 — February 18)

There are two sides to Aquarius. On the one hand, people born under this sign work best in the group setting and can maintain a sense of individuality even in a large group of people. Hence, to comply with friendly nature, Aquarius needs to integrate teamwork into the workout. But at the same time, Aquarius needs plenty of space and alone time to reflect on the past and come up with new ideas. Physical exercises can help to get destructed from the worries of today and look at the picture from the perspective. That's why, depending on the day and needs, Aquarius can switch between group classes and training all alone. Anyway, fast-paced and intense workouts are more exciting for Aquarius. 

An important thing to remember is that Aquarius tend to be immersed in what they are doing and need a little reminder that it's time to work on health goals. If you struggle with that, set a reminder or build a system that will help you stay committed. Make sure wellbeing is a priority of yours, that way, you won't perceive workouts as a distraction from work, but rather as an investment.


Pisces (February 19 — March 20)

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. People born under this sign are sympathetic, compassionate, and intuitive. Pisces are good at expressing themselves through art, their active imagination never keeps them bored. That's why a good choice for Pisces is dancing. It's both an art form and an intense workout, and with a variety of genres to choose from, every person under the sign can find what fits right to them.

Pisces is a water sign, and it's no surprise they get rejuvenated around the water. Depending on the area you live in, try activities in open water like surfing or paddleboarding. Regular swimming is also a good choice. Both swimming and dancing also leave room to decide whether to do it alone or not. Pisces are good with people, their joyful personality attracts others and finds the way to the friendship. But at the same time, same as Aquarius, Pisces needs some alone time to find the balance between those two fishes floating in different directions. 

Pisces also need to be aware of what can let them down. It's wrong to say that Pisces people are lazy, it's more that they don't put much effort into what they don't enjoy. As they avoid confrontations with others, they will avoid confronting their own weaknesses. That's why to choose a fitness routine wisely, don't follow the trends or friends' recommendations. Go for what you'll enjoy.


Like many other things in life, the workout regimen isn't one-size-fits-all. Some thrive in a group setting, while others prefer working out alone. Some people like to always switch the routine, while others are patient enough to stick to one thing and achieve specific goals in the area. It's natural that we are drawn to some things more than the others, and stars and planets are one of many factors affecting the personality traits we inherit. If you are in doubt about which sport you will like, why not trust stars and check out the best workout according to your zodiac sign?


Photo Credit: Depositphotos
Photo Credit: Unsplash
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