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by inKin
23 Oct

Corporate Fitness Programs: A Quick and Complete Guide

An employee's ability to do their best is based on their physical and mental health. An overstressed employee will burn out instead of doing their best. An employee who never leaves the desk will become low-energy from a sedentary lifestyle. The rise of corporate fitness and wellness programs stems from several causes, but the main benefit is that employees are happier and more motivated when physical health is achieved.

Corporate Fitness and Wellness Programs

The way for companies to take an interest and improve employee health is through a corporate fitness and/or wellness program. This can be lunch-break workout teams, but it doesn't have to be. A fitness program can be an exercise tracking and coworker support app. It can be sponsored memberships to a local gym of the employee's choice. It can also be healthy foods, guided mediation, or even outdoor workspaces.

The purpose is to build an organized yet optional set of healthy choices that improve each job's overall impact on employee health.


Corporate Fitness vs Corporate Wellness 

There is some discussion about the difference between a corporate fitness program and a corporate wellness program. Fitness vs wellness is about your focus. A wellness program can focus on mental health, emotional stability, and even the financial health of your employees. A fitness program focuses primarily on the physical health and activity level of the team.

A corporate fitness program primarily promotes exercise, healthy eating, body care, and the physical aspects of work-life balance.

A corporate wellness program primarily promotes mental health through stress relief and all forms of life balance. A wellness program may be more well-rounded while a fitness program is more focused.


Engagement and Work-Life Balance of Fitness Programs

One of the keys to choosing the right corporate fitness and wellness program for your team is to know your team. Some teams want to do group activities and get fit together; some would rather keep their wellness private - but appreciate the encouragement from the workplace to be well.

Build a wellness program that promotes engagement, but does not require it. This allows your team to build a supportive fitness community without impinging on anyone's potentially full work-life balance.


Examples of Corporate Fitness and Wellness Programs

  • Martial Arts
  • Running and Jogging
  • Fitness Trackers
  • Mobile App Tracking
  • Kinesiology
  • Healthy Eating
  • Meditation and Stress Relief
  • Outdoor Workspaces


Corporate Fitness Quick FAQ:

What are corporate fitness programs?

Company-sponsored programs that promote employee health and fitness. This can range from healthy catered meals to gym memberships to lunch-hour workout groups. Many fitness programs are run with online tracking, points, and a coworker fitness community.


What companies have corporate wellness programs?

Any company can have a corporate wellness program. Right now, leading names include everyone from Fitbit to the Motley Fool. Wellness programs are offered as employment perks and elements of company culture. Many businesses are adding wellness and fitness programs to improve productivity and provide well-rounded incentives.


How do companies choose their wellness programs and benefits?

Consider your team, company culture, and how they best interact. Some teams prefer on-site group activities. Many will prefer solo gym memberships and a fitness tracking app for independent wellness.


Why get a corporate fitness program?

To promote employee health, boost productivity, offer a better work-life balance, and attract employees who want well-rounded perks.


Are employee wellness programs necessary or nice to have?

Every business should have some form of an employee wellness program - at least an active awareness of how the job environment & requirements affect employee health. A wellness program is not a requirement (and shouldn't be for employees), but it is becoming a must-have employee perk for millennial and younger professionals.


Why are corporate wellness programs important?

Corporate wellness programs allow businesses to take responsibility for the lifestyles that their job-roles create. The right wellness program can boost health, lower stress, and make employees feel more fulfilled in their roles. Coworker fitness communities and workout groups can even bring your team closer together.


inKin Social Fitness Platform

Here at inKin, our goal is to provide a flexible, modern social fitness solution that all employees can get involved in. 

Whether your team chooses to be healthy together or separately, a social fitness platform encourages overall wellness for the team. For more on corporate fitness programs and how inKin can help, contact us today!



Photo Credit: Depositphotos

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