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by inKin
04 Nov

Fighting Fit! All You Need To Know About Body Combat

Want a fun, energised, non-contact fitness class with a bit of attitude? Body Combat is where it’s at.


First coined as a fitness class by the world famous Les Mills (responsible for Body Pump, Body Balance, Body Step, RPM, etc.), Body Combat incorporates martial arts with an intense fitness workout. The Les Mills brand claims it can burn up to 700 calories a class…yes, 700!

The term ‘combat’ can strike fear into the hearts of some, but don’t be put off. All great Body Combat classes will have instructors who give you options of intensity and difficulty for the moves. No one is expecting you to smash it out like a pro during your first class! Slow and steady wins the race, you’ll get the moves in no time with little perseverance and sweat.

The classes are hugely popular worldwide and are a registered trademark, but fear not, since its creation a plethora of gyms and fitness empires has jumped on the body combat bandwagon, and frankly it seems they have never looked back. Why would they at 700 calories a class? Enough with the 700 calories, what will you have to do to burn those calories?


What To Expect From a Body Combat Class?

  • Well, expect to work all, and we mean all, areas of your body.  From your legs (all those kicks) to your arms (there will be punching, non-contact of course), to your core, back and shoulders.
  • Sweat- and lots of it. You should most definitely bring a towel.
  • Simple choreographed sequences with basic moves. But don’t stress, after a few classes you’ll get your groove- same with anything new, right?
  • Supportive instructors who can help tailor the class to the level of difficulty and intensity you require.
  • Great music and an energised environment.
  • Lastly, expect to feel the burn in those few days after the class. Your muscles may ache and feel sore, especially if you’re new to the fitness game. This is good sign! It shows that you worked hard!


The Benefits Of Body Combat:

  • Stress relief- that’s a big one. The intensity and power you feel when knocking out the punches and pushing out those kicks is bound to release any tension you’ve been feeling.
  • Burning those calories!
  • Improved coordination and strength (those moves won’t learn themselves!).
  • Accomplishment- you completed a class you never thought you’d do, and enjoyed it.



  • Bring a towel! You will sweat.
  • Don’t forget your bottle of water- hydrating is key in this kind of high intensity, calorie burning cardio classes.
  • Wear comfortable workout clothes and training shoes.
  • Remember, you will learn those basic moves! And it's ok to stumble through it at first - we all have to start somewhere. 
  • If the instructor is showing you varying levels of difficulty for a particular move, listen. It's fine to start off with the easier moves and work your way up. Body Combat is designed to cater all levels and abilities.
  • Not recommended if you are pregnant.
  • Take a friend! Working out alone vs. working out with a friend? Working out with a friend wins every time! If you're both new to the class, you will feel more comfortable and confident with each other's support.

Now, it's time. Find your nearest Body Combat class and book away!!! Off you go…..and enjoy!!!


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