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by inKin
01 Jul

Forget Orange: Why Healthy Is The New Black

Orange might be all the rage on Netflix, but in real life healthy is the new black. Being healthy goes beyond numbers on the scale and impacts every aspect of your life. Here are some reasons why healthy is the new black.


Sleep: Getting healthy means getting a better sleep for a few reasons. First, regular exercise helps you get to sleep faster and get into a deeper sleep for longer, which helps you mentally and physically. Secondly, eating healthy foods minimizes or altogether eliminates common sleep interrupters such as heartburn or indigestion.


More time to wear black (or orange): A recent study determined that just 15 minutes of exercise a day is enough to add up to 3 years on to your lifespan! This should be enough to convince you of the benefit of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but just in case, we have more proof.


Better sex: Ok, if better sleep and more living years aren't enough to convince you, then this one's for you. Healthier people have better (and generally  more frequent) sex. There are a few reasons behind this. First, you are more likely to get those sexy vibes going when you feel good, and being fit and healthy is a definite confidence booster. Next, men who exercise regularly have more overall blood flow, which translates into the bedroom as a reduced rate and risk of erectile dysfunction. Finally, fit and healthy women experience more frequent and more intense orgasms thanks to all that extra blood flow. As an added bonus, an intense and/or prolonged sex session can count as a workout.


Build immunity: It's no coincidence that your annoyingly fit co-worker never takes a sick day while you struggle to make it through flu season. Regular exercise boosts your immune system, making it more likely that you'll breeze through cold and flu season instead of catching a cold every time someone within 20 feet of you coughs.


Do more: It seems like common sense, but most people don't realize that getting healthy and fit will enable them to do more fun things. Think about it. When you have extra weight bearing down on your joints, a 20-minute walk might be enough for you to start feeling sore and achy, which means you won't commit to doing something even more intense. Losing weight will make it easier to do everyday activities like, walking around a store or going to the zoo with your kids. And when you do more, you see more of the world, which increases the quality of your life.


Motivate others: Human beings are naturally social creatures, and in general we like to do what those around us are doing. By being a fit and healthy person, you are going to naturally encourage those around you to follow in your footsteps (often literally). This includes your friends, life partner, and kids. It can feel pretty darn good to be the spark that helped someone else kick their sugar habit or lose 20 pounds.


Make new friends: Fitness is contagious. Once you start down the road to fitness, you are going to want and need the help of supportive friends along the way. It's important to have friends who understand when you say "no" to a large order of cheese fries or who want to spend Saturday morning on the jogging trail instead of at the movies. It's even better to find friends who will challenge you to push yourself to meet or exceed your goals and who will overall help you maintain your new, healthy lifestyle.


We have created inKin to connect fit people socially so that we can all work together to meet our goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. To get started or to find out more about how inKin can help you meet your lifestyle goals, check out our F.A.Q. section or just give it a go by signing up!


Photo Credit: Shutterstock


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