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by Zara
04 Feb

Forget the Flowers: This Valentine's Day, Gift Up & Go

Ah, Valentine's Day. Every February 14th, those of us in committed relationships scramble for the perfect gift. Whether that's a physical gift of chocolates and champagne or an experiential gift of dinner and cocktails, these love-centric presents tend towards unhealthiness and excess.

What if we told you there was a way to fuse gifts and experiences in a way that doesn't leave you and your partner with some serious February 15th regrets?

Move past stereotypes, and forget Netflix and chill. Here are some gift ideas that fuse fitness and fun with flair:


1. Music & Run

What you buy: If your significant other is motivated by music, this Apple Watch Series 3 will completely elevate their running experience. In addition to being completely swim-proof and sweat-proof and offering excellent tools for tracking your fitness progress, this watch allows your fitness-loving lover to stream 45 million songs while they run. Pair this gift with some Bluetooth headphones, and you've found yourself an unbeatable combination

Where you go: Once you've wowed your significant other with the gift, dazzle them with the experience. With the Map my run app, you can research the most scenic runs in your area as described by other runners. If you're the adventurous type of couple, you can use the app to trailblaze a running route for others. 


2. Mat &  Stretch

What you buy: Keep it hot this Valentine's day: hot yoga hot. This yoga mat by Gaiam features a moisture-wicking topcoat that ensures you won't sweat through your mat. Latex-free to account for those with allergies, this mat is also environmentally sound enough to impress your sun-saluting significant other.

Where you go: The mat's a great gift in itself, but you can elevate the experience this Valentine's Day. Your partner will be surprised and gratified to see that you've booked sessions at your local hot yoga class. Get ready to sweat!


3. Boot up & Ski

What you buy: It's true: February weather can be brutal. But don't let that define your winter or your Valentine's Day. Think blue skies, white snow, and hot cocoa. Think you and your Valentine snuggled up after a day of sweating on the slopes. Granted, this is among the pricier items on this list, but we can't help it. Evo sells quality ski boots for men and women, and tend to offer incredible winter clearance sales. They have an informative and detailed guide page where all your most important questions will be answered.

Where you go: Remember before, with the blue sky and the white snow? That's right. This year, be the hero of Valentine's Day by gifting a pair of ski boots and a weekend trip to a ski resort. While you're not burning calories and toning your glutes on the slopes, you'll be kicking back in the lodge, watching the fireplace and crackle and enjoying every moment of warmth with your bf or gf.


4. Fill up & Hike

What you buy: In keeping with the outdoorsy theme, sometimes a hike in nature is the perfect antidote to the pressure and commercialism of this winter holiday. If you're out for the long haul, this Sequoia pack for women or the Fourteener for men both offer hands-free hydration for the adventurer in you.

Where you go: This one's easy and free: tell your lover to take a hike! Um, maybe phrase that differently. In all seriousness, though, the All Trails app is an incredible resource for locating exciting trails in your area. They'll vary by difficulty and remoteness. Fill up those packs with water, pick a romantic spot for a hike, and be prepared to spend quality time with your Valentine.


5. Shake & Go

What you buy: Sure, you can customize a box of chocolates for your Valentine, but a company called gainful offers a way to personalize nutrition. Gainful is an incredible resource that helps you gift your partner the protein he or she craves. Each serving of personalized protein from Gainful shows your love you care: it's tailored to his or her specific body type and physical needs.

Where you go: This is a super versatile gift for the fitness oriented, since it fuels just about anything. Protein up and hop on your bikes for a cycle. Accompany your beau to a pilates class or to the gym for some good old fashioned lifting. Take an indoor swim class at your local gym to escape the winter cold.

This Valentine's Day, try to think outside the box. No need to stick to flowers and chocolates. No need to choose between a gift or an experience. Cater to your partner's interests and your own by giving gifts that fuse fitness and fun. Enjoy!


Photo Credit: Depositphotos

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