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by inKin
04 Mar

Friends And Family Fitness Challenge: Are You In?

Losing weight, eating right and getting healthy is a lifestyle challenge, not a temporary change.

Getting fit is hard work, and as a society, we're not exactly winning the fight:

  • 80% of people say they exercise regularly, but this survey indicates that only 20% of Americans get the recommended weekly amount of aerobic exercise.
  • We are taller than our ancestors, and we are not merely heavier, we are fatter: the U.S. obesity rate increased every year over the last 20 years.
  • Obesity and overweight-related health issues are the second leading cause of preventable death in the U.S.

The time and energy required are intimidating to many who face multiple health issues or have tried workout programs in the past with unsuccessful results. Working out and finding new ways to eat are demanding enough; why face this fitness challenge alone? Why not get friends and family involved and use technology to link everyone's workouts and work towards a common, healthy goal together?


Why a Group Fitness Competition?

  • You're hardly alone: About 160 million Americans are overweight or obese. We all know someone struggling with this.

  • Encourage friends and family to help themselves: By helping each other, there's a better chance to alter generations of weight and health issues within a family.
  • Friendly and fun with a fierce edge: This competition isn't a blood sport or a knock-down, drag-out fight to the finish. A fitness contest with a competitive edge, yet still fun and friendly, makes good sports out of everyone.
  • You are each other's watchdog: Not feeling the competitive magic this morning? Your fellow challengers won't let you lie down and roll over. They will text, email, call and post until you get up and get moving. You call it shaming; they call it workout watch and remind you it's for your own good.
  • There's always someone ready to play: Everyone in the competition leads a different life: some work nine to five, others work a graveyard shift. Some have kids, some go to school. No matter when you're ready for your workout, you'll have the company of someone in the group.
  • You make new friends/rekindle old relationships: You meet new people and make friends as others join the group. Acquaintances you last heard from 20 years ago find you, and you find out that you have something in common once again.


Why Use Apps and Trackers on a Shared Social Platform?

  • You share more than just sweating: Apps and trackers share more than just workouts. Trade recipes, information about places to exercise and travel plans (so group members can meet in person). No matter the app favored, everyone shares when using a shared fitness platform.
  • Digital monitoring is accurate: You cannot lie to the app or tracker. You either walked those 10,000 steps and the apps recorded them, or you're blowing hot air. The trackers note your heart rate, weight, sleep, pulse rate and other body functions automatically, so you cannot brag about your weight loss or oxygen consumption without proof.
  • A record of your workout is bragging rights: When you have the goods in digital writing, you have the right to fist pump and brag post. There's no reason to hold back about that personal best 5K or your first mountain cycling event when you can show 'em what you've got. 
  • You can work out "together" in a virtual session: You enjoy working out with new people, but you're a little sceptical about meeting them somewhere for a workout? Introduce yourselves on the shared social fitness platform, get to know each other and decide if a face-to-face meetup is a good idea.
  • From workouts to competition: Whether you join a competition in progress or create your own, the social aspect of shared trackers turns everyday exercise into a greater challenge: to improve your fitness for a lifetime.


Photo Credit: Depositphotos

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