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inKin Social Fitness Platform
inKin Social Fitness Platform
by inKin
06 Jan

Fun Fitness Challenges And Competitions To Do With Friends

Staying committed to your fitness goals can be a challenge. After a while, it can get boring. You lose your motivation, and it seems easier to give up than it does to push ahead and keep going.


Fun fitness challenges and competitions with your friends can go a long way toward shaking up your fitness routine and giving you a reason to keep trying.



There is a broad base of fitness challenges to choose from on inKin. Select the one that most appeals to you and your group of friends. There are two primary types of challenges: 
1. Total Challenge, which requires you to meet a particular goal within a specific period of time. For example, walk 500k steps in 40 days.
2. Streak Challenge, which encourages you to keep meeting a specific goal each day for the duration of the challenge (7500 steps daily for 3 months).

You can count the number of steps you take, the time spent exercising, or the number of calories burned throughout the duration of the challenge. You can also check out options like the distance you've walked over the course of the day. 

Fun Fitness Challenges on inKin Social Fitness Platform

Team Battle (coming soon)

One excellent option for your fitness challenge is a team battle when one group matches up against another for the ultimate victory. In a team battle, the victory doesn't depend entirely on one individual but instead rests with the team as a whole. This is a great option for a large group or within an office setting. You can encourage your teammates, attempt to sabotage your opponents, and do whatever it takes to catapult all of you to fitness success.



Duels are shorter-term competitions between two specific users. In a duel, users take on a sprint step matchup to see who takes the greatest number of steps over a twenty-four hour period. This is a short, one-on-one fitness challenge that is a great kickoff to a larger fitness plan or challenge. You could also hold short duels throughout the duration of a longer challenge to help break up the monotony or offer smaller victories to participants who are trying to go the extra mile.



Fitness competitions can also be arranged in which a participant who reached the highest results during the competition wins: whatever your challenge might be, everyone digs in and does their best. Whether they're aiming to burn the most calories, take the most steps, or spend the most time exercising, it's every man for himself. In the end, the winner takes all!


Incentives For Fitness Challenges And Competition

Sometimes, the spirit of competition is all that's needed to help many individuals meet their fitness goals. Other times, adding in extra incentives can help push them that extra mile. Earning points, winning prizes, and pitting yourself against someone else will give you plenty of reasons to keep exercising and working to get in shape even when the going gets hard. 


Other Benefits

When you engage in a fitness competition, you can connect with large groups of people across multiple devices and platforms. With inKin, you can connect with Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin, Microsoft Band users, and so much more. Everyone comes together in one platform for like-minded individuals who are working as hard to maintain their fitness goals as you are. You'll meet people from all over the world,  make new friends, and become a part of the fun, vibrant international fitness community. 

Competitions and challenges can be public and private (among a certain group of people or by invitations only).

Engaging in fitness competitions and challenges will help take your exercise plans to the next level while you learn new ways to push yourself and get in better shape. It's the perfect way to meet your New Year's goals, lose that lingering winter and holiday weight before spring arrives, or simply add a little bit of fun to your fitness routine.


Photo Credit: Shutterstock


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