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by inKin
21 Sep

Get In The Swim Of Things With The Best Fitness Trackers For Swimmers

Everyone knows that swimming is great for your health and gives you a whole body workout. But whether you’re an amateur or athletic swimmer, no doubt you’re into the latest craze of wearing a fitness tracker while you exercise or train.

You might find that difficult when it’s time for you to jump in the pool since most fitness trackers aren’t waterproof. But that’s where we come in with the first five reviews on the best waterproof fitness trackers for swimmers.


Garmin Swim ($147.99)

Garmin Swim | inKin Fitness Blog

Photo Credit: Urbanwearables 

Take this gadget out of the box, and you’re ready to go. Well, okay, you do have to tell it what the pool size is, but then the Swim will do everything else for you. This is part of what makes it one of the greatest fitness tracker for swimmers and the fact that you can share your data with swimming friends and coaches if need be. How? Simply plug its USB stick into your Windows or Mac computer and all your fitness data will be transferred.

The Garmin Swim can be submerged in water up to 50 meters which means you don’t have to be concerned about it cracking under water pressure—just as long as you don’t go deep-sea diving with it! The Swim tracks distance, number, and type of strokes, your pace and much more. The tracker also records timed intervals and drills for you. If you’re a swimmer that loves to run laps, this tracker is perfect because it aids in measuring your swimming efficiency by calculating your SWOLF score. Let this tracker upload your information to the website and app, Garmin Connect, and it’ll analyze your activity for you!

Would you like more good news? The battery won’t need replacing for a whole year, and you can purchase the coin cell (CR 2032) battery in any retail store.


Misfit Shine ($58.99)

Misfit Shine | inKin Fitness Blog

Photo Credit: Appcessories      


This tracker is very distinct in that it can be worn however you choose: like a watch, in a pocket or clipped to your clothes. Since it’s so small, you could actually hold it while swimming down to depths of 50 meters. The coin cell battery lasts for six months which is much better than having to charge it every few days. You can use it with your iOS, Windows phone or Android, but be aware that this tracker is more for the casual instead of an athletic swimmer. With its smooth metal finish that is available in many colors, the Shine can be considered a pretty fitness tracker.

In addition to tracking distance, steps, burned calories for a variety of sports and activities, there are many swimming features that are logged such as speed, the number of laps and heart rate. The Shine will also automatically record your sleep duration and quality. All of your information is synced automatically and put on the Misfit app in easily read charts. Your daily stats are easy to view and can be a great motivator to complete your exercise goals.




Polar Loop ($46.99)

Polar Loop | inKin Fitness Blog

Photo Credit: Clevmarketing       


This fitness tracker might not be as popular as its competitors, but it’s ideal if you’re an advanced swimmer, and it’s waterproof to 20 meters for a short time. You can wear it even if you’re diving and it works very accurately if you perform the breaststroke. It’ll give you workout recommendations, inspiring feedback and guide you toward your goals. It can even track your exercise activity 24 hours a day! As you go through your day, this tracker can monitor five levels of activity as well as track sleep patterns, view consumed calories and keep track of your steps.

The Polar Loop is a custom-fit bracelet, and it works with almost all Apple and Android devices; it links to the Polar Flow app via Bluetooth Smart. You’ll get 5 days of use before you need to recharge the battery—which is pretty good!


Moov Now ($59.95)

Moov Now | inKin Fitness Blog

Photo Credit: PCWorld  


This is more than just a fitness tracker! Waterproof up to 50 meters, Moov Now is 44% smaller than its predecessor, Moov, and has a built-in coach. The coach provides metrics to help you enhance your swimming instead of just giving you feedback on your swim. The battery is now a coin cell that will last up to six months, and the Now works with Android and iOS.

There’s even a swimming mode in the new Move app that you switch on before jumping in the pool. When you’re finished swimming, you’ll see details about your stroke such as rate, efficiency, type, and length; it’ll even show you lap times, a number of laps, turn/flip time, interval times, duration of the swim, quickest 100 and burned calories. Oh, it also provides a general indication of your pool endurance!

But wait, there’s more! You can get tips from the pros for improved swimming technique and speed, compare and share information with other Moov users and see if your time is Olympic gold medal worthy.


Withings Activité Pop ($149.99)

Withings Activité Pop | inKin Fitness Blog

Photo Credit: Pledel


This looks like a fancy analog watch—but that’s the idea so that you can wear it anywhere. Pop won’t show you smart notifications nor does it contain a touchscreen, built-in GPS and heart rate monitor. Yet it can display real-time activity, and track distance, steps, calories, and light or deep sleep patterns; that vibrating alarm is handy for waking you up too! Oh, and more good news is that the coin cell battery will last eight months to a year.

The Pop can automatically identify when you’re walking, running or swimming. Actually, the automatic swimming detection is fairly new to the watch, and it’s good up to a water depth of 50 meters. Just dive into the water to activate the watch and it’ll start logging your complete swim. After a session, you can view burned calories and how long you swam by using Bluetooth to link it to an Android or iOS and view your data to the Health Mate app. The app has all sorts of great features including inspiration to walk (or swim) more and shows you how to make little changes.


Misfit Speedo Shine ($79.99)

Misfit Speedo Shine | inKin Fitness Blog

Photo Credit: Circuitsandcableknit  


Just like its older sibling, the Speedo Shine has a thin design and can be worn on your bathing suit or wrist. The Speedo’s waterproof up to 50 meters and is light enough that you’ll hardly notice any interference or dragging when you’re swimming.

The Speedo Shine identifies every type of stroke that’s known to Speedo and accurately counts and logs a number of laps, calories burned, lap length and distance. It also has a sleep monitor that tracks your sleep duration and analyzes deep versus light sleep. If you want to know how your fitness goals are progressing, just glance at the Speedo’s 12 flashing displays. The only downside to this tracker is that it doesn’t provide feedback on your swimming technique or style.

Like the others on this list, Speedo comes with Bluetooth, and it’s paired well with the Misfit app and the new Speedo app; it works well with Android, Google Nexus, iOS and Samsung Galaxy phones and the coin cell battery will need to be replaced after six months.


Polar A360 ($172.00)

Polar A360 | inKin Fitness Blog

Photo Credit: Wareable


This little gadget’s vividly colorful touchscreen can be brought to life by the press of a button or a twitch of your wrist. This comfortable, swimmer-friendly tracker is one of only several to include a heart rate monitor and it’s waterproof to 30 meters, yet there aren’t any advanced swimming features on the watch.

It does, however, contain something called Smart Calories. When you’re training, the Smart Calories will combine with the heart rate monitor to assess your calories burned. Thus, you’ll have a more accurate reading of your burned calories when you’re in the pool or performing other activities. You’ll discover that it comes with a training app which is pretty handy for things like walking, cross-fit, group workouts, swimming, running, cycling, strength training and customizable outdoor and indoor activities.

The A360’s heart rate monitor just measures your beats per minute while you’re exercising and doesn’t run continuously. So if you want a more precise measurement of your heart rate, we suggest buying the Polar H7 chest strap to use with the Polar A360.

This tracker is compatible with iOS and Android and has a battery life of about 10 days.


Garmin Vivoactive ($244.95)

Garmin Vivoactive | inKin Fitness Blog

Photo Credit: dcrainmaker


While this isn’t the most stylish fitness tracker, it’s comfy and definitely one of the lighter GPS smartwatches weighing in at just over one ounce. It’s compatible with Android, Windows Phone and iOS and the battery won’t need recharging for up to three weeks without using the GPS.

The Vivoactive has features that you can customize! Cool, right? For example, you can alter the metrics for speed, elevation, distance, step length, and pace. You can even modify data screens and all kinds of alerts for sports. The GPS is quite accurate and provides real-time information while the sleep tracker isn’t really the best feature. The Vivoactive has modes for inside and outside sports. The outside sports are where this tracker is the most powerful—and if you’re a swimmer, that’s essential!

Vivoactive has a modifiable Swim mode that tracks pace, speed, calories and distance in water up to 50 meters. There are choices for lengths, and you can input the pool length too; there are even stroke selections like interval stroke rate, average stroke rate, average strokes per length and many other choices. Sadly, GPS isn’t usable with Swim mode, and there isn’t any open-water mode; but, if you swim in open-water, you probably could use the run mode and the step counter could then be your stroke counter. But when it comes to analyzing and logging your time, SWOLF, pace, distance, strokes, temperature and speed it’s one of the superior trackers.


Mio Alpha 2 ($199.99)

Mio Alpha 2 | inKin Fitness Blog

Photo Credit: dcrainmaker


This small, nice-fitting tracker may be built like a watch, but don’t let that fool you. It’s still devoted to tracking your activity. The display can be customized through the Mio GO app which works well with Android and iOS. The battery life is up to three months without using the heart rate monitor but only 24 hours when exercising with the heart rate monitor on. Speaking of the heart monitor, it uses EKG, so the information is extremely accurate.

The Alpha 2 will track distance, pace, calories burned and steps only during a workout; but if you’re hoping for a sleep monitor and a built-in GPS, you’re going to be disappointed. This tracker is waterproof to 30 meters and includes a variety of timer apps to monitor your pool performance. But it’s recommended by Mio not to push any of the buttons while you’re in the water. Why? The buttons could break or stick due to water pressure.


TomTom Spark ($149.99)

TomTom Spark | inKin Fitness Blog

Photo Credit: dcrainmaker


If you’re looking for a fitness tracker that’s loaded with features, then look no further! The Spark is a highly evolved system that’ll measure, log and send alerts about your interests on your swim. This comfortably slim tracker has 24-hour activity tracking, a GPS, automatic sleep monitor, and a multisport mode for training in running, swimming, treadmill, bike and gym. What more could you ask for?

There’s a Goal mode that’s terrific for the in-pool view which shows you how well you’re progressing; it’ll even buzz you when you’ve exceeded your goal! The Spark’s waterproof to 40 meters and tracks stroke rate, duration, burned calories, laps, distance, and speed. It also gives you a break-down of each swim into sessions as well as sets of different effort levels. It knows when you need to change your power or stroke and buzzes you accordingly. That’s kind of spooky—but neat!

The only real drawback to the Spark is that it’s slow to read when you make a turn (or flip) in the pool; thus, providing you with a late notification to alter your type of stroke, training or even if you should stop swimming. But, in reality, this isn’t a major problem because the Spark will inspire you to do better and that’s what’s important.

This fantastic device works well with iOS and Android and the battery last three weeks for tracking your activity; however, it’ll need charging after just 11 hours if you use the GPS.

Now that we’ve narrowed down the field of fitness trackers for swimmers, your choice should be a bit easier. You may learn more about each of the trackers and make up your mind with our Fitness Trackers Comparison Tool!


Photo Credit: Wareable


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