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by inKin
22 Jun

Groups - A New Awesome Feature on inKin

Introducing our brand new feature - Groups!


One of our community members once shared his concern with us: "We are a group of 6 friends who want to compete for fitness in 2016, and we're using the Facebook group to communicate and are trying to setup inKin to track our fitness using Fitbit and Microsoft Band. If only we had it all in one place, so we didn't have to switch between various services and have it all in one!".

And so we listened and decided to develop Groups feature on inKin - your own private space to hang out with friends, family, colleagues or maybe your local yoga studio peers all along while tracking your fitness results and competing against each other in one. There is no need to search Facebook groups to find new fitness buddies or other Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin, MS Band, etc. users anymore - simply join one of our groups or create yours and start competing, chatting and sharing.


Why is it different?

Groups listing on inKin Social Fitness Platform

1. Leaderboard

Whether you are kins with the rest of the group members or not you can view your leaderboard for any period - a day, a week, a month, etc. 

Group Leaderboard on inKin Social Fitness Platform

Group Leaderboard Month June on inKin Social Fitness Platform


2. Contests

Create private step/distance/calories/active time challenges, competitions and team battles within the group. Can you do that inside your Facebook group? Nope.

Group Fitness Challenges and competitions on inKin Social Fitness Platform

3. Newsfeed

Share and discuss interesting articles, run surveys, socialize and get extra motivation from your peers.

Group Newsfeed on inKin Social Fitness Platform

Few Groups ideas that are already available on inKin:

1. Jawbone UPsters

2. Microsoft Band

3. Garmin

4. Fitbit

5. Yoga

6. CrossFit


inKin Group feature

More features are cooking on inKin kitchen right now!



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