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by inKin
29 Jul

Gym Etiquette 101: The Basic Do’s and Don’ts in the Gym

Knowing what is considered polite behavior in a gym environment can be confusing. If you are a seasoned gym enthusiast, then you likely already know most of these unspoken rules. But if you are new to the gym, it is helpful to know these basic rules of etiquette. You can avoid much embarrassment by comprehending these do’s and don’ts in the gym.



When the gym is crowded, it is polite to swap with other members rather than occupying one machine for long.  You will appreciate this gesture when you are the one waiting for a machine to become available.  Same goes to the small equipment like dumbbells, fitballs, etc. Also, it is very rude not to place the equipment you've been using back where it belongs. Thus, once you are done with your exercise, make sure you rerack your weight.  

If you do not understand how to use a particular piece of equipment, gym staff is readily available to help. Do not feel embarrassed to ask for their assistance. This is their job, and they are happy to do it. Using a machine that you do not understand can lead to injury. 



Sweating at the gym is a good thing. It means you are getting a good workout. But you must consider how your sweat affects those around you. It is polite to keep a rag handy to wipe the sweat off of your body. Do not shake like a wet dog and fling your bodily fluids onto those around you. After using equipment, wipe it clean. Be diligent and aware of your sweat. Keep it to yourself.


Cell Phones

If you must take a call during your workout, go to a private and quiet area to have your conversation. No one wants to hear you talking on the phone while they are trying to work out. Gyms can be loud, rambunctious places, not conducive to phone calls. Talking on the phone on the workout floor is considered obnoxious behavior. If a phone call is really that important, give the person calling and those around you enough respect to go someplace private.



Give people their personal space. Do not unnecessarily crowd others. If there are five treadmills and one is occupied while the other four are available, do not choose the one right next to the occupied machine. If you are waiting for equipment to become available, do not hover directly over the person using the machine. When in the locker room, do not lay all of your belongings out and take up more space than is necessary. In general, keep your body and your things yourself.  It's also important not to occupy shared space, creating obstacles for your fellow gym-goers. For instance, do not exercise right in front of the racks where all the dumbbells are kept or chat just next to the water cooler - you might block an easy access to the equipment for others.



Many gyms have specific dress codes. There is a good reason for this, and you should follow these rules. Sometimes your outfit may be well within the gym requirements. However, you still shouldn't wear it. Make sure your clothing does not accidentally allow you to flash someone. If you are unsure about the appropriateness of your clothing, ask a friend or do some basic movements at home and check for possible exposure.



Of course, you should be proud of the body you have worked so hard to maintain. But no one wants to see you flexing on the workout floor. Do not stand in front of the mirror like a self-absorbed maniac flexing or taking selfies. You can do these things in the privacy of your home without subjecting everyone else to your ego.  It also doesn't look good if you only come to the gym to show off or chase pretty girls.  


Odorous Products

The gym is not always the best smelling place. But it is rude to overwhelm those around you with your cologne, perfume, or other noxious products. If you want to wear a nice smelling cologne,  put it on as soon as you leave the gym. Just because you love your perfume, does not mean others will appreciate it, especially in large doses. Obviously, we are not going to tell you that it's really crucial to take care of your personal hygiene both before and after the gym because you already know it;)


Everyone who regularly visits a gym has stories about the rude or obnoxious gym member. Don't be that guy or gal. The gym is a fun and exciting place to be if everyone is respectful.


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