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by inKin
06 Jan

How A Fitness Tracker Creates Motivation And Accountability

Have you been thinking about purchasing a fitness tracker, or do you have one, and it's collecting dust? Well now is the time to either purchase that tracker or dust it off because it has the potential to be one of the best motivational and accountability tools you have.


So often people start a fitness regimen only to lose interest or just run out of inspiration. It's common, and if that sounds like you, don't worry, you're not alone. It doesn't have to be that way, though.

A fitness tracker can help by providing valuable data that allows you to see what you're accomplishing and collecting your health and fitness information, a record of improvement and a means to add community to your efforts. All of this can work together to keep you motivated and on track.


1. Can A Fitness Tracker Give You Better Results?

If it's used, yes. People are more motivated to push themselves when they can visually see their activity levels. It also helps them progress to their next fitness level. Seeing their progress can give a feeling of accomplishment, which in turn increases motivation. Overall, fitness trackers can inspire increased performance and elevate the effectiveness of the workout.


2. Fitness Trackers Are Great, As Long As You Use Them

The problem with fitness trackers is that people often stop using them. Once they do, they also stop reaping the benefits the fitness band provides. This happens often. People lose interest, they stop being excited by their results. They get bored. 

Once the tracker comes off, the lack of feedback leads to more complacency. Soon, the entire routine is abandoned. 


3. How Can You Stay Motivated To Use Your Fitness Tracker? 

The best way to stay focused and motivated is to make things more interesting. If it's boring, you won't do it for long. But how do you make it more interesting? 


Competition Is The Key 

If you could hook up your fitness tracker to that of your friends, co-workers, family, etc., and engage in friendly competition while motivating each other to keep going when the going gets tough, would you? 

One of the best predictors of fitness success is support. When people feel supported on their fitness journey, they tend to stick with it and get better results. 

The ability to interact with others on a social, competitive and supportive level brings a fresh, new perspective on what your tracker can do for you. 


Fitness Gets Social

While there are other fitness sites that provide a sense of community, inKin offers something the rest don't.  

The ability to link your fitness tracker with others, even if they don't have the same tracker as you, is a revolutionary way to connect with others and be accountable. Moreover, you may connect various devices and track your health and fitness data from various data sources. This information will be invaluable for your future well-being.

Also, inKin offers users the ability to start and join groups. Within these groups, you can create contests, challenges, and support each other on while staying super motivated and energized by your fellow fitness trackers. 

You could create a group with co-workers, your siblings, your spouse, neighbours, social media groups, etc. And the best part is you aren't limited by what type of device people use because inKin covers multiple popular devices. 


Some ideas for using inKin with your fitness tracker include:

  • One-on-one competition - duels
  • Team challenges
  • Weekly goals with a reward
  • Finding accountability partners 

So, if you have a fitness tracker lying around, or you have been thinking of getting one, now is the time. Gather some close, or not so close friends for motivation, support and fun, and create an account on inKin, your social fitness platform. Spread the word, the more, the merrier.

Photo Credit: Depositphotos

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