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21 Feb

How Corporate Wellness Influences Your Team Outside The Office

As the industrial sector is shifting towards full automation and more people than ever work desk-bound jobs, health and fitness are becoming more important than ever.

Sedentary jobs that require the employee to sit all day in one place can lead to many health complications, such as obesity and cardiovascular diseases. That is why wellness programs are more popular than ever.

A corporate wellness program is, in the broadest sense of the expression, a program intended to promote health and fitness by offering various services, such as giving employees free gym subscriptions, yoga classes, weight loss competitions, launching challenges, and others. Healthy, productive employees are good not only for the company but for the economy in general. Here are a few of its influences outside working hours. 


1. They Help Prevent Many Diseases

The truth is, many diseases that are the leading causes of mortality in today’s world are preventable. Heart diseases, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and stroke, to name a few, can be averted by following a healthy lifestyle and being physically active on a regular basis.

Since years old habits can not vanish overnight, corporate wellness programs can help break self-destructive cycles through a concerted effort to educate employees about the importance of fitness and health.

When people have a purpose they can dedicate themselves to on all levels (socially, emotionally, physically and mentally), they are incentivized to make progress. Moreover, people are more willing to change when they are part of a collective effort, like for example weight loss competitions and employee cessation programs.


2. Corporate Wellness Programs Offer Structure

Corporate wellness programs encourage people to lead structured, disciplined lives based on a combination of healthy life habits like following balanced diets and being physically active. People that work at companies which create a positive atmosphere by promoting health and fitness will experience a positive influence in their private lives as well.

Structureless, chaotic habits are the factors that lead us to live complicated and unhealthy lives. Eating at random intervals and haphazard sleep patterns can cause high levels of anxiety and a lack of productivity, both at the workplace and outside of it.

But corporate wellness programs have the potential to help people break their destructive cycles by offering structure. For example, when it comes to implementing structure, many online work or application platforms have started displaying the various benefits of their packages simply as a means of facilitating more information to potential candidates for ease of communication. While filling out walmart.com careers application online, you might have noticed that Walmart, along with other companies, is pushing the corporate wellness program to improve overall employee health and happiness.

Structure means building a tight routine intended to improve your quality of life. While heading home and slacking off on the couch is tempting (and most of us do it), we must find ways to diversify our daily lives. Going to the gym three times per week will not only improve your health in general, but it will help you build a habit of seeking other extra activities after the work hours.


3. Corporate Wellness Improves Mental Health and Productivity

Rounding up this list, it is worth mentioning work productivity and mental health. Poor work productivity is a symbol of our times, as the majority of jobs involve sitting down for eight hours a day and staring at a screen. Many people find desk jobs to be tedious and boring, and as a result, they seek various stimuli from other places, usually their smartphones or social media accounts. Adding to the tedium aspect, people who hate their jobs are more likely to develop mental conditions such as depression and high levels of anxiety and stress.

Corporate wellness programs might be just the extra thing that can reinvigorate the workplace and stimulate the employees to concentrate more on their tasks and enjoy their time spent there. Installing a pool table, equipping the common room with a treadmill, serving fruits or tea at lunch or encouraging employees to play board games on their break will not only contribute to overall workplace happiness but actually make going to the office a pleasant activity.



Since desk-bound jobs are more spread than ever, corporate wellness programs are enjoying rising levels of popularity and promotion. Along with raising work productivity and decreasing national health care costs, they have the potential to affect the employees’ lives positively even outside working hours. Corporate wellness programs give the employees structure and can help them build a tight routine based on physical activity and healthy eating. Finally, mental conditions triggered by workplace dissatisfaction, such as depression, anxiety and abnormal levels of stress, can be prevented by creating a positive, stimulating work environment.


Photo Credit: Pixabay



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