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by Zara
05 Dec

How Launching a Water Challenge Benefits Your Workplace

We all know how important and beneficial it is to drink sufficient water, and yet almost everyone struggles to drink enough.

Why do we neglect this incredibly simple, inexpensive, and important task? Why do we thwart ourselves? There are a lot of reasons. Mostly it seems we forget. Many people are also addicted to sugary and caffeinated beverages — some report that they simply do not like the taste of water. In truth, we often convince ourselves that we are too busy to stop to go get water. We convince ourselves it is just not that important. 

Similar to nutrition and exercise challenges, the water challenge appeals to our competitive natures and love for games and competitions. The social nature of holding each other accountable makes it more fun, supportive, and motivating. The water challenge specifically has particular benefits. Many people who are unable or unwilling to participate in fitness or healthy eating challenges will participate in a water challenge because it is more attainable. It is like a gateway to healthy living. This is a great way to involve those who have not yet become involved with your corporate wellness program. You can even purchase water bottles with your logo for all participating staff - this way they have a lot of water easily accessible. 

You may be surprised by all the benefits of water. The multitude of ways it can help your employees will also benefit your business. 

  • Water assists in weight loss. Water obviously has no calories, but it also acts as an appetite suppressant. As we all know, obesity leads to a host of significant health problems. The water challenge could be the kickstart your overweight employees need to get going on a weight loss and a healthy living journey. 
  • Water reduces headaches and helps you think more clearly. This is because water helps get more oxygen to the brain. This is obviously beneficial for your business. Even people with migraines have reported a decrease in their migraines when they began drinking sufficient water. 
  • Water also helps ease digestion problems. It is helpful to note, though, it is best not to drink right before, during, or right after eating, as that can dilute the digestive juices in the stomach and actually inhibit digestion. It is best to drink the majority of your water first thing in the morning and between meals. 
  • Drinking sufficient water, especially in the morning, leads to an increase in metabolism. Many water challenge participants report increased energy in addition to weight loss. Again, this has obvious benefits for your business. 
  • Many people report a dramatic decrease in cravings for unhealthy food and drinks. This is another excellent outcome for any employees wanting to lose weight. Clearly, healthier employees will keep insurance costs lower, be more productive, and take fewer sick days.  
  • Sufficient water intake also benefits heart health. More water in the blood reduces your risk of the clotting that can lead to stroke or heart attack. 
  • Proper hydration leads to healthier skin. Like all the other cells in the body, skin cells need to be hydrated to function properly. While there is no scientific evidence to indicate it will reduce wrinkles, it will certainly make your skin healthier and more resilient. 
  • Many challenge participants report better sleep as well. 

The benefits of proper hydration are numerous for your staff, and it is such a simple way to help people on a journey toward better health. Healthy employees will be more productive and reduce costs from insurance and sick days. They will also be grateful you cared enough about their well being to get them started on their journey. You may even notice greater staff cohesion as they work together to support each other as a team. It is a tiny investment with numerous human and financial rewards. 

Check out inKin Corporate Wellness and launch your first Water Challenge today (the first 2 weeks are on us;).


Photo Credit: Depositphotos

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