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09 Jul

How To Stay Fit And Practice Healthy Living On Campus

Staying fit when you are in college is certainly not one of your priorities, but you also don't want to let yourself go and forget about your health - exercise and eating healthy is beneficial to your body and mind alike.

If you are busy and not sure you can make it to work out every day, here are some easy ways you can incorporate it into your daily life.


1. Schedule Your Days

Create a schedule for each day and stick to it. Include some mean of working out into your schedule at least two times a week and don't let anyone ruin your plans. This strategy is also beneficial to your studies as you'll feel more concentrated and organized with a schedule.


2. See What Your Campus Has To Offer

Along with offering sport activities and gym facilities, your campus probably has special offers from time to time. Some campuses bring in personal trainers, some organize competitions between dorms, some offer education on fitness and health. No matter what it is, keep track of what's going on and join anything that is of interest to you.


3. Join an Intramural Team

Joining an intramural team is a fun way to blow some steam and stay fit. Most campuses offer something basic like basketball or football teams, but some also offer fun activities like Frisbee or bowling. You can join with friends for an even better experience.


4. Walk or Bike to Class

It's a lot easier to just drive to class, especially if you live off campus. Sometimes you sleep in and can't make it to class on time. However, all of that driving is taking a toll on your health. It's much better to use a bike and get to the class that way. It's a simple way to incorporate exercising seamlessly into your daily life. It wouldn't even be hard for you. Same goes for walking – it's a simple way to stay active.


5. Use The Gym

“There are gyms on each campus, and this is great for students. You can probably use it for free and in a fun way that relaxes you. Switch up what you do each time you are in the gym, and you'll never be bored with this routine,” says Rosa Santiago, a health writer from Boom Essays and UK Writings.


6. Always Take The Stairs

Instead of using the elevator, you can try walking the stairs. This is an easy way to introduce some activity into your daily life. Elevators are the simpler and faster to use but if you really want to be fit without stressing yourself with additional exercises, use the stairs.


7. Use Student Discounts

You would be amazed to see how many establishments offer student discounts. Try anything – from a local gym, yoga studio, Pilates studios etc. Even grocery stores offer these discounts, so you have no excuse not to eat healthily and stay fit.


8. Download a Fitness app

Apps like My Fitness Pal, ActiveX or inKin are a great way to fit in some quick exercise into your busy schedule and keep track of your progress and your goals. There are also communities you can join for support.


9. Be Active For Credit

“Most faculties give opportunities to do a sport like swimming for credit. This is a great offer for you since you would be doing something fun – a scheduled workout a few times a week for credit and you can do it with friends too,” suggests Raymond Boyle, an educator at Custom Assignment Service and Essayroo.


10. Mind What You Eat

What you eat matters just as much as how much you work out. Don't indulge and eat ramen noodles all the time just because it's easier. Get some fruit and vegetables, healthy meat and watch your calories for best results.


There are many ways to stay healthy and fit on campus. You just have to beat your laziness first. Organize your time and create a schedule that takes in account every aspect of your life, including working out. Staying fit on campus can be easy and effortless if you find fun and creative ways to do it.


Photo Credit: Depositphotos


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