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24 Mar

How to Boost Your Immune System

Now more than ever, people are looking for ways to give their immune system a little extra jolt. While the immune system itself does a great job of fighting-off disease, it isn't perfect. Fortunately, there are ways to improve your immune system through some minor alterations to your lifestyle.

The following are some suggestions for how you can boost your immune system during a time when every advantage counts. 

Dietary Changes

Some changes to diet have been linked to improvements to immune systems. According to Harvard Health Publishing, there are not a lot of studies on how nutrition impacts the immune system, but nutrients such as folic acid, iron, and a number of other vitamins may be linked to the immune system. It is recommended that a multivitamin may be able to benefit the immune system, but any lacking nutrients are best delivered by food. A great deal of fruits and vegetables in your diet is the best way to boost these nutrient levels. 

Beverages for Boosting Immunity

More important than taking a pill, there are a number of supplements and beverages that have been linked to increases in immune system efficiency. The following are some of these beverages that have been linked to a healthy and efficient immune system. 

  • Water - According to Medical News Today, essential nutrients are dissolved in water, and the body requires a significant amount of water so these nutrients can reach every part of the body. Hydration through water also supports kidney health, which is vital for the immune system. 

  • Ginger Tea - Ginger has been known to support the immune system. It is nature's antibiotic, and as written in Healthline, serves as a stress reliever and decongestant. 

  • Tea - CBS News discusses that tea has been found to possess a substance known as L-theanine that prompts the immune system to jump into action. Don't look for L-theanine in your cup of coffee though. It is only being linked to black tea. 

Other Ways to Boost the Immune System

The life you live should be as healthy as possible. This seems to be a common-sense statement, but when most people take a moment to examine their lifestyle, they can usually find ways to live healthier. The following are some suggestions for lifestyle changes that will make a significant impact on your immune system. 

  • Regular exercise - This provides the benefits of increased metabolism, lower levels of stress, and a healthy weight. All of these things work together to help your immune system work at maximum efficiency. 

  • Avoid smoking - The CDC has stated that smoking has been linked to a breakdown in the immune system. In addition to respiratory problems that develop as a result, there is every reason to quit if you are currently a smoker. 

  • Get enough sleep - Your body recuperates when it sleeps. This is the time when the body can make repairs, and it's also the time when the immune system can get the most work done. 

  • Wash your hands - Washing your hands prevents the spread of germs. Perhaps the best way to boost your immune system comes from preventing the introduction of disease. When you wash your hands properly with soap and water, you are lessening the potential for encountering germs and bacteria.

Avoiding Stress

It should be noted that one of the significant attackers of the immune system is stress. It is difficult to identify exactly what stress is because it is somewhat different for each person. When a person finds themselves in a stressful situation, it can play a major role in the physical health of that individual.  Long term stress that is more chronic has a potential impact on the immune system. It is therefore important to avoid the things that contribute to extended and long term stress for the overall benefit of your immune system health. 

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