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by inKin
23 Nov

How to Stay Active With Your Loved Ones This Thanksgiving Day

Fun activities to do with the family and friends while staying active during thanksgiving week.

Exercising with loved ones after indulging in a festive feast will keep everyone happy, healthy, and moving. Whether you will be near or far from your loved ones on this festive day, here is a list of fun workout ideas that the whole family can participate in.


Outside Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunts are awesome for so many reasons. The concept behind the beloved game revolves around participants collecting specific items or completing certain tasks. Being able to personalize the scavenger hunt and even include some riddles will make it all the more enticing. Take a selfie with a scarecrow, find a leaf that has both yellow and green in it, or collect five acorns are just a few ideas to get started when creating your own scavenger hunt. Be sure to come up with a fun prize for the winners. Breaking up into teams is a great solution for family members who might be too young to explore on their own or are social distancing. Group chats are a great way to track the progress of participants at a distance! For families who may have senior citizens or are looking for something more low-key, this free printable fall hunt might be just what you are looking for. Thanksgiving scavenger hunts are an excellent way to get exercise while making meaningful memories. 

You can also track the steps by using inKin. Check out all the benefits that come with using inKin. 


Thanksgiving Fitness Bingo

Thanksgiving Fitness Bingo is the classic and beloved game with a twist. Print out several copies of this bingo card and leave them around the house. Send or email a copy to friends and family who will be unable to join you. Every time someone hears a Thanksgiving themed-word, they must complete the correlating task to mark their square "complete". The first person to achieve a completed line of their board is the winner! 


TikTok Dances: The Thanksgiving Edition

TikTok isn't your average social media platform. The mobile application was designed with music, dancing, and video sharing in mind. "Blinding Lights" and "Renegade" are two of the trendy dances that have gone viral over the past few months. Whether you are looking to review and practice old dances or come up with your own, TikTok is the perfect way to exercise and laugh with the family come Thanksgiving Day. Not to mention, everyone will be able to enjoy and appreciate the final product for years to come!


Dance it Out

TikTok is most definitely all the rage these days; however, there is something to be said about the classics. "It's Raining Men", "The Electric Slide", and "Macarena" are just a few. There are many platforms available that have already compiled excellent dancing playlists. Spotify is a great place to begin making the perfect playlist for your "Thanksgiving Themed Exercise Dance Party". 


Online Yoga & Fitness Classes

The public has access to a tremendous amount of online classes that can be completed together or at a distance. Adriene Mishler is a yoga teacher who is well-known for her popular YouTube channel. Yoga For gratitude is one of her many classes and a perfect choice for this holiday. Here is an awesome list of some of the best free yoga classes available online. Orangetheory Fitness is another popular place to turn to when looking for online fitness options. Each day the fitness brand releases a free online workout that can be done at home. Plus, the public has access to most of Orangetheory's previous exercises as well. Anything is possible with a little motivation and the internet. 


Thanksgiving Minute to Win It Party Games

'Tis the season for Turkey-themed activities. Turkey baster relay races and turkey bowling are just two of the many festive, fun, and active games families can expect with this set of activities. This article outlines how each game works, as well as the required supplies. Use this scorekeeping card to track the progress of your family and friends and to crown the Turkey champ rightfully. 


When people think of Thanksgiving, they typically think of the beloved feast they will share with their family and friends. However, there is so much more to the day. Be sure to make this holiday an active and memorable one for everyone involved. 



Photo Credit: Depositphotos

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