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by Zara
19 Dec

New Year's Resolutions For Employee Health and Fitness

New Year's resolutions are a powerful thing for both people and businesses. There's something profound about the beginning of a brand new year.

It makes everyone think of where they want to be a year from now. It makes us think of starting at a new beginning. And when it comes to health and fitness goals, there are few mindsets more powerful than a new beginning. 

As a business with strong employee wellness values, health and fitness is an uphill issue to address. Most employees are set in their ways, which is exactly why New Years is the perfect time to make a new set of employee wellness resolutions. Not just for the HR planning team, but together as an entire company.

Today, we're here to talk about achievable new years resolutions for employee health and fitness.


1. The Circulation Challenge

By far the biggest problem with desk-bound employment is circulation. Sitting and working all day slows the blood, which makes blood clots more likely and focusing more difficult. You can significantly improve your employee's passive health and productivity simply by promoting good circulation practices.

Challenge your entire office to maintain good circulation personally and as teams. Together, you can come up with dozens of fun and even work-productive ways to promote good circulation and the health benefits that come with it. Anything from kicking your legs under the desk to scheduled team stretching can be effective ways to significantly improve employee circulation as your 2019 fitness resolution.


2. Get Hooked on Healthy Lunches

Another great new year's resolution for employee health is to influence eating habits. Many employers wish they could discourage the vending machine and fast food lunches that employees grab on-the-go. But there's little you can do about what your teams choose to buy for themselves.

What you can do is inspire your team to enjoy more healthy options. Rather than admonishing a burger, cater delicious, healthy lunch alternatives. The key is to introduce affordable and easily sourced options to your team that they will want to grab on their own instead of the usual fast food. Even the occasional catering of things like sandwich wraps, tapas, and richly spiced foods from cultures around the world can inspire your team to change their eating habits in pursuit of mouth-watering, healthy new dishes.

Just remember to share the name, location, and take-out menus of the places you use to cater healthy lunches or put a healthy vending machine in your office. Then your team can use these resources to seek out more healthy delights on their own. This is a great way to actually change the eating habits of employees in 2019 to a healthier and more diverse diet.


3. Employee Fitness Support Teams

Another serious focus for employee wellness is exercise. Professionals often have trouble 'breaking the ice' on allowing themselves to be seen exercising by colleagues. After all, sweaty is not 'business casual'. Fortunately, you can help your employees break through that barrier and become comfortable with things like team tai-chi, running groups, and the building gym by creating a supportive fitness community.

Encourage your staff to connect online through social media or a platform like inKin and cheer on each other's fitness goals and achievements. This will create a positive environment and standard of interacting as employees move forward on their own personal new year's fitness resolutions.


4. Extracurricular Activity Awards

Finally, don't forget to reward employees for seeking fitness solutions on their own. Many businesses get caught up in promoting internal workout classes or fitness goals. But employees who seek out their own gym memberships, spinning classes, or camping trips are also achieving their wellness goals. Everyone has a few favorite activities that equate to exercise. Make a company-wide new year's resolution to do more of your preferred active pastimes.

Awards, recognition, and work perks are a great way to encourage employees to pursue active recreation that they already enjoy doing. This covers all types of healthy hobbies, not just what the company promotes internally. You can also reward people for getting their co-workers involved in their favorite healthy extracurriculars.


New Year's is a chance to see yourself differently than you've been in the past - healthier, slimmer, stronger, and more resolved to follow through on goals. Use this power to inspire your employees to a healthier 2019!


Photo Credit: Depositphotos

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