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30 Apr

Shark.Health Platform Is Here To Help You Battle COVID-19

Three-four months ago no one could even imagine that we will be welcoming spring from the windows of our houses. It feels as if someone is playing a cruel joke on humanity. It’s renaissance outside of our homes - serenity, beautiful flowers, bright colors, blooming trees, intriguing sounds all of them beckoning us to join their process.

Yet, inside of us, there is a turmoil, a build-up of emotions, fears, uncertainty, and strict rules that prohibit most of our movement and regular flow.

While it may be too early to evaluate the exact damage caused by the global pandemic, it is quite evident it will permanently change the way society functions. It is undeniable, COVID-19 will have a lasting impact on society globally. We as humans, need to find the inner strength to use this opportunity to support and stand for each other.



Spring is usually associated with a cleaning time, it’s a time for self-realization, so let’s take the time to refocus, to regroup, to go through our inner draws and understand what holds us from going forward in life and what do we need to achieve the highest happiness. It’s no doubt that self-care goals are the primary building blocks of any successful endeavor. I suggest using the excess time to clean our minds, hearts, and bodies.

It’s very easy to give in and lose yourself in the disorder of things during the pandemic. The stress of today, tomorrow and the global economic uncertainty can easily throw us off balance, and I’m not even talking about financial issues, working from home, and that’s if you’re lucky, as many simply lost their jobs. Handling children and their homeschooling, organizing and planning the whole family’s meals 4-5 times a day, and the list goes on.

Let’s stop and take a deep breath...in and out, in and out...During stressful moments in our life, all we need is to stop and regroup, create a new order of things and stick to it. There are lots of individuals and companies that are stepping up and creating tools and products that make our lives easier, calmer and more peaceful. And so has our team at Embry Tech, and today we are excited to introduce you our new platform that perfectly integrates into the topics of self-care goals, self-discipline and healthy body and mind.

We have developed Shark.Health as a reaction to the global pandemic and concern that people would be too emotionally disturbed and unmotivated to be able to organize daily self-care routines and be proactive. Shark.Health provides curated video content to help you lead a healthy lifestyle while at home. It is run by a group of professionals who surf the internet for you and collect the best videos. The great part of it, you get to have various relevant video content in one place. It has three sections body, food and mind.

Body: In the body section you can find videos that are focused on strengthening your body while lockdown. It includes exercise routines for beginners and for more advanced followers, exercises targeting different parts of the body, as well as, different approaches to strengthening your body such as cardio exercises, HIIT, yoga, Tai Chi, and more.

Food: In the food section, the platform provides videos of healthy cooking recipes, ideas on how to plan meals for a day or week, how to prep for meals, dishes for different occasions, different parts of the day and different ethnic cuisines. Most importantly these videos are overseen by nutritionists and provide you with the latest health trends in cooking for you and your families.

Mind: This section takes care of your mind and stress levels. It provides videos that teach and guide you through various meditations, breathing, sleep and stress-relieving techniques. Using these videos will help you stay calmer and grounded. You don’t have to spend your time searching for reliable sources, the platform does it all for you.


Shark.Health platform is a great health tool when needing assistance and guidance especially when the topic of health isn’t your expertise and requires extra time and planning. When times are not easy, I always go back to one of my favorite quotes - Health is your best investment. Let’s use lockdown as a window of opportunity for self-care and self-empowerment and together come out of it stronger and healthier.


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