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by inKin
18 Jun

The Benefits Of Corporate Wellness For Companies And Employees

Are you an employer or an employee? Either way, we have the answer for you why you should take advantage of the corporate wellness.

For Employers

Are you in human resources or just want to find something to boost wellness in your company? According to an article from Wellness Proposals, there are many benefits to implementing a corporate wellness program in the workplace. Corporate wellness helps everyone, providing ways for both the individuals and the business to grow. A few of the benefits for the company are:

  • An additional incentive in recruitment and improved retention
  • Fewer healthcare costs for the company due to healthier employees
  • Fewer missed work days from illness and injury
  • Higher productivity
  • Better relationships between employees

Of course, the benefits for the employees are just as valuable and include weight loss, better overall health, higher self-esteem and confidence, and lower stress levels. Since many people spend the majority of their waking hours at work, having a work culture that values and encourages health and wellness is essential in a thriving business. According to the article, "If our quality of life is to remain high so that we can fully enjoy these extra years [gained from increased life expectancy], we must practice good eating habits, be active and refrain from using tobacco products. Worksite wellness programs can help support these healthy behaviors."



For Employees

When you consider how you're feeling lately regarding work or personal relationships, you might admit that things could be better. What's holding you back? Maybe you're afraid of change. Maybe you stay in a job or other social relationships longer than you should. It's okay. We've all been there. What occurs is that we become adept at coping with conditions that aren't ideal. Nevertheless, we could make some adjustments and enjoy a higher quality of life. One area where we can make many changes is our physical wellbeing.

If you aren't as happy as you could be, especially because you're struggling with work-life balance, relationship problems, or physical ailments, we recommend making small lifestyle changes - baby steps that will set you in the right mode. For example, you could go to work and suggest that a group of employees join a corporate wellness contest and get the boss to throw in a prize for the winner.


1. A Little Contest Is Always A Good Idea

Put yourself into the mode of a fitness competitor for a moment. We know that you're likely to work harder on your fitness goals if you measure progress along with others. So, if you have an interest in getting more involved with other fitness-minded people, it's important to consider the inKin Social Fitness Platform where you can join a competition with a group of strangers, friends, relatives, and coworkers. The point is that you and your colleagues are accountable to each other for your activity level within a given time frame. It's fun to perform at a level that will keep you up with your group.


2. Fitness Helps

When you're inspired to achieve new fitness goals, you see some effects in your daily life. You immediately begin to decrease stress, sleep better, feel more at ease when tackling problems, and experience elevated moods. What happens to many consumers each January, for example, is that they get these kinds of temporary benefits from joining a new gym or group fitness program. Once they stop working on their personal goals or going to the fitness activity altogether, they lose the lifestyle benefits of being fit. Use a wearable device to stay well and track your health stats throughout the year. You can engage in exercise as it fits into your busy schedule. As part of a group, you might not be the winner this week, but you can work your way to that level when you have enough time to pursue it.


How Can inKin Help?  

inKin is a social fitness platform that links users of all different wearables and fitness apps. Gone are the days when you can only check in on the fitness goals of your friends that use the same wearable that you do. We make it easy for users to connect with each other while they may have different fitness trackers, including Fitbit, Apple, Garmin, Samsung, Jawbones, and many others.

And when it comes to corporate wellness, we have the tools in place to light the fire underneath your employees to move them into a healthier lifestyle.

Whatever fitness tools your employees are already using, they can be synced up with our corporate wellness program. Your employees can all compare data and compete to encourage each other to be healthier. Our list of supported devices and apps is constantly growing, and our platform allows for manual input as well.


inKin Features:

1. To begin, our corporate wellness system is entirely customizable to fit your work culture. We create a dashboard your employees open as a desktop or mobile apps that compare a variety of stats.  Some data you can track are step counts over a customizable period, average sleep, average active time, and calories burned. Check out an example of what your dashboard could look like here.

2. But just comparing stats may not be enough of an incentive for some people to get moving and stay moving. We have increased the fun by adding the ability to create challenges and competitions. If your company has multiple locations or departments, you can have competitions between departments to fuel the fire. You can even challenge other individuals to a friendly duel. Imagine having weight loss contest between your sales and your customer service departments or having two co-workers competing to see who can get the highest step count in a week.

3. Your employees will be able to post their accomplishments to a newsfeed, similar to feeds on other social media platforms so they can see what their coworkers are doing. However, if they don't want to have this information in the newsfeed, everyone is also able to use a private interface as well as the corporate platform. It is simple for users to switch back and forth between the two.

inKin wants to help your workplace be a healthier one. If you want to improve the health of your employees and increase retention while lowering healthcare costs, contact us today at inKin, and we can begin creating your customized corporate wellness program.  


Photo Credit: Depositphotos

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