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03 Jan

The Benefits Of Corporate Wellness: How To Make Your Staff Happy and Cut Costs

Corporate wellness programs are one of the latest watchwords in business. Everyone wants a company that encourages health and wellness, whether it's through incentives for gym attendance, regular health and wellness checks, or sharing health and wellness information with the employees who need it most.


In fact, "corporate wellness" has become one of the things that many job searchers look for in their potential places of employment. Interestingly, however, the benefits for employers who are planning employee health and wellness programs are just as significant as the benefits for individual employees. 



1. Save On Health Care Costs

Health care costs matter. The more often your employees are sick or injured, the more often you're going to find your insurance premiums increasing. You'll have to pay for the days that they're out sick even though they aren't working. Many employees won't even take sick days over a minor illness or injury, but they won't be able to focus as fully on the task in front of them, which will, in turn, lead to poorer job performance, less time spent on vital tasks, and an employee who is unhappy. Forbes suggests that a corporate wellness program can lead to a 50% decrease in employees who experience high blood pressure--and that's just one way in which a corporate wellness program can affect employee health. It's also possible that your corporate wellness program could lead to as much as 25% fewer sick days and an equal reduction in your health insurance premiums.



2. Let Your Employees Know You Care 

It's a well-known fact that employees who know that the higher-ups in their company care about them are more likely to dig in and give their job everything they've got. They're more engaged, more interested in what's going on at work, and working harder at every task in front of them. When you institute a corporate wellness policy, you let your employees know that you care more than just the work they're doing every day. You care about them personally, and you're taking the steps necessary to show it.
Keep Your Employees Moving to Increase Productivity
It seems counterproductive: taking your employees away from their current jobs to take a walk around the building, get a little exercise, or simply to move around for a while. In reality, getting your employees away from their desks and encouraging them to exercise for a little while can go a long way toward increasing their productivity. They'll return to their desks refreshed and ready to dive back in rather than staring at computer screens and counting down the minutes until the end of the day.


3. Combat The Two O'Clock Slump

Quick: what's in your vending machine? If your answer is, "mostly candy bars and soda," it's time to take a new look at your corporate wellness initiative. Support your employees' health goals by changing up the contents of your vending machines. When two o'clock rolls around and they're looking for a quick snack, give them healthy options instead of sugar-filled bars that will lead to a quick high and immediate slump. Great snack options might include nuts, granola bars, and trail mix alongside fruit and yogurt. It also helps to make these items cheaper than the less-healthy options if you can control the prices. When your employees reach for healthy snacks, they'll be more likely to give their bodies the fuel they need to keep pushing right on through that slump, working hard at what they do.

Developing a corporate wellness program and hiring wellness consultants for your business isn't just a nice thing to do for your employees anymore. In reality, it has significant returns that are well worth the cost and effort that your business will put into the endeavor. Healthy employees work harder, are happier, and are more likely to stick with your company long-term, making corporate wellness programs one of the smartest decisions your company will ever make.


Photo Credit: Bigstock


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