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by Zara
18 Feb

The Benefits of Using inKin Corporate Wellness Solution For Your Business

These days many companies are realizing the benefits of employee wellness programs and making them a part of their corporate culture. Not only is a wellness package a potentially enticing benefit for a new hire, but the right wellness program can promote productivity, creativity and teamwork, all while keeping your employees happy and healthy. When your employees are working together on achieving shared goals, they are more motivated to communicate and cooperate, and function better as a team.

Whether your employees are tracking daily steps or training for a half-marathon, you'll want to ensure that everyone can participate, which means you want the right software. Before you go out to buy all your employees a new pedometer, think of how much easier it would be if your whole team could use their existing devices to connect. With inKin's corporate wellness program software, they can!


What is inKin?

We're a social fitness platform that helps connect people, no matter what device or program they're currently using, to track various measures of health. Our corporate health and wellness software was developed to help businesses get their employees on the same page when it comes to wellness so that they can work(out) and grow as a team. 

At inKin, we will help your company launch an incredible corporate wellness program, tailored specifically to your employees' needs. Whatever devices your employees are already comfortable using, we're here to get them connected so that you can create challenges and team-building exercises without any additional devices. 


What are the benefits of a wellness program?

Aside from promoting teamwork, attracting great talent, and motivating your employees to stay healthy, wellness programs are great for your business' bottom line. The cost of wellness programs, in many cases, is insignificant compared to the money you'll save. According to health.gov, employee wellness programs lead to lower health costs, fewer sick days, and increased productivity. Some states are also considering instituting corporate tax incentives, so you could benefit even more from establishing an employee wellness plan in the future. 


What makes inKin different?

Some corporate wellness software providers offer little more than step tracking. At inKin, we're so much more than just a pedometer! inKin can help your employees monitor 20 different metrics, from sleep to pulse to cholesterol- if it's a metric of health you want to measure, we've got it. 


What if not everyone wants to participate/ not everyone wants to track everything?

We understand that there are some measurements your employees might not be comfortable sharing. Wellness isn't about the number on a scale, so employees should feel they have control over what they are and aren't comfortable sharing. 

With our corporate wellness tracking software your employees can still retain a measure of privacy. Wellness programs are great for fostering healthy competition and team work, but they shouldn't feel invasive either. With inKin, your employees can choose to input their information manually, or we can sync with their preferred device to track automatically if they prefer. 


Every business is different. Some businesses will choose to institute competitions to see how many steps employees can climb- others really do train for marathons together! No matter what your employees current fitness levels are, a wellness program can make a huge difference in everyone's overall health and happiness.

No matter what your employees' needs, we can help you connect for a great experience. If you're interested in connecting your employees so you can get your corporate wellness program off the ground, we're happy to help! With all the advantages a corporate wellness program has for your business and your employees, why not get started now?

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