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by inKin
17 Oct

The Top 10 Reasons To Take Part In The Dubai Fitness Challenge

Dubai is home to more than the world's tallest building. Dubai has evolved into a city that is known for its emphasis on fitness and sports of all types.

From hosting the world's largest indoor ski slope to the world's most impressive horse racing track, Dubai is on track to become the athletic epicenter of the Middle East.

In keeping with the Dubai's commitment to fostering health and fitness, the city is hosting the Dubai Fitness Challenge from October 20th to November 18th of 2017. The primary goal of the challenge is for participants to accumulate a total of 100 million minutes of exercise by exercising for 30 minutes for 30 days. Below are the top ten reasons why you should participate in the Dubai Fitness Challenge



1. Registration Is Free and Easy

You can register for the challenge online as a student, teacher, employee, or individual. You can also register your school, government entity, or private organization to encourage members of your work or educational group to join in the fun. There is also a mobile app available for the iOS and Android users.


2. Anyone Is Welcome To Participate

Unlike some fitness challenges which require a minimum fitness threshold, the Dubai Fitness Challenge is designed to help everyone make a positive change in their lifestyle. Everyone is encouraged to participate, including individuals who have never taken part in exercise or fitness activities.


3. You Can Enjoy Free Classes At Your Favorite Gym

To motivate people to participate in the challenge, gyms and fitness organizations across Dubai are offering free classes and activities to participants. Other perks for participants include free entertainment and neighborhood events.


4. The Challenge Welcomes Participants In Virtually Every Type Of Sport

The Dubai Fitness Challenge welcomes all types of sports enthusiasts. From runners to yoga enthusiasts, to basketball players, everyone is welcomed to take part in the challenge.


5. You Can Learn a New Sport In a Supportive Environment

Registering for the challenge is a great catalyst for learning a new sport or exercise. With area gyms offering free classes and city officials offering fitness activities in gyms and parks, there is no better time to learn a new sport or form of exercise.


6. You Can Help Make Dubai One Of The Fittest Cities In The World

Dubai residents are already making international headlines for having the healthiest eating habits in the world. With a city-wide fitness challenge, residents can take their healthy lifestyles to the next level by developing regular exercise habits.


7. You Can Participate On Your Own Or With Family and Friends

The Dubai Fitness Challenge is perfect for people who enjoy a team approach to fitness. You can register to participate as a member of your university, employer group, or private organization. Or, if you prefer to tackle your fitness goals on your own, you can register as an individual and work out independently. And if you are looking for an extra push, join our special Dubai Fitness Challenge contest to help you track your daily success towards a healthier you while competing against other people across the world.


8. You Will Be Eligible To Win Some Fantastic Prizes

In addition to giving a boost to your health and wellness, you could win some great prizes for taking part in the challenge. Just make sure to log your daily exercises and register to enter a variety of prizes.


9. There Are No Rigid Schedules That You Must Follow

As a participant in the Dubai Fitness Challenge, you can exercise anytime you want. Whether you choose to exercise during the day or in the middle of the night, you only need to make sure that you exercise for at least thirty minutes each day.


10. You Will Conquer The Challenge Before You Know It! 

The challenge runs for 30 days, which is a manageable timeframe for most people. With the support of your family, friends, and the entire Dubai community, you can successfully achieve your fitness goals and help promote a culture of fitness in Dubai!


Whether you live in Dubai or just want to visit this fascinating city someday, we invite you to join the fun! Sign up and join our special Dubai Fitness Challenge contest.

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