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by inKin
23 Aug

The Ultimate Beach Body Challenge For Fitness Band Enthusiasts

Beach season has arrived with a vengeance, and with it, a host of people who are doing their best to prepare their bodies to look great when they hit the beach.

If you're one of the many people who is looking for an ultimate beach season body challenge that will have you looking your best before you hit the waves, then look no further. This is the challenge for you!

Dieting For The Beach

When you know you're heading to the beach, it's worth a little sacrifice to look your best. Reduce your sodium consumption for at least ten days before heading out, and you'll find that some of that extra water weight melts away to display your physique to full advantage. You should also reduce sugar and carbohydrate intake for a few days before setting out on vacation. Even if you aren't trying to lose weight, keep track of your calories a few days beforehand: aim to be about 100 calories under your daily goal to ensure that you'll look your best.

Beach Body Ready: Turn On The Cardio

Commit to at least 30 minutes of cardio 3 days per week for the duration of your beach body challenge. Want to rev it up? Commit to a regular competition with some of your closest friends through a platform like inKin, then watch those steps add up as the pounds come off. Aim to keep your heart rate in the cardio zone for at least 20 minutes of your workout for the best results. While the fat burning zone is great, it's not going to give you the incredible results you're craving.

Work The Whole Body

If you're a runner, you probably already have great legs. You may, however, feel that the rest of your body needs some work. If you need to fix up some trouble areas, there are some great workouts that can help tone your entire body: tighten your abs, give you fantastic arms for tank top season, or even shave some inches off of your inner thighs. Pick your trouble area, then devote yourself to putting forth some serious effort this summer with some of our favorite picks.


Looking to get rid of that spare tire or to give yourself the six-pack you've always wanted? There are some great ab routines that are just waiting to help you tone up. 

  • Try the 15/50 Core Blast to see incredible results as you tighten your core and tone your abs and obliques.
  • This Medicine Ball Abs on Fire workout will definitely stay with you well into tomorrow. 
  • Prefer to stand up while you work on your abs? This Standing Workout for Flat Abs will tone your core and leave you looking--and feeling!--fantastic.


Need to get rid of some pesky back fat and develop that sexy, beach-ready back you've always wanted? These amazing routines will get you there.

  • How to Lose Back Fat focuses on those targeted back muscles.
  • If you're a woman aiming to blast that bra bulge, congratulations! This workout is designed to accomplish exactly that.


If you want incredibly sculpted arms that look fantastic in a tank top, look no further! These great arm workouts will help you reach your goal in no time.

Select an exercise from your favorite category or choose a category to focus on each day. Commit to performing those exercises at least twice a week for the rest of the summer to see incredible results. You want a toned, beach-ready body. The tools are in your hands.


Photo Credit: Depositphotos

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