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by inKin
04 Mar

This Is How To Address Corporate Wellness In A Sensitive Way

You may have heard the term "constructive criticism." Maybe you have even been on the receiving end of it, possibly from a parent, a teacher or a boss. The fact is that, no matter how you phrase it, criticism stings.

No one wants to be told what they are doing wrong, even if the intention behind the criticism is to help them out. Criticism always feels like it puts you in an inferior position. It demolishes your ego.

And everyone needs an ego so that they can continue to function in their lives. An ego might seem like a bad thing at times (like when you call a person egoistic), but there are times when it can be equated with healthy self-esteem. Since a person's weight or level of fitness is intricately bound up with their ego, you need to be sensitive when speaking to people about corporate wellness.


Why Address The Issue Of Corporate Wellness?

Weight and fitness are particularly sensitive topics, as a result of which most people just tend to avoid them. You might think that there's no real reason why you should address the issue of weight with one of your employees. As long as they're doing a good job, the way they choose to live in terms of fitness and nutrition is their business, right?

As a matter of fact, there are many compelling reasons why you should address this issue with your employees. And more and more companies understand the importance of corporate wellness and encouraging it to their employees.

  • Working Harder: The healthier your employee is, the better they're going to perform at work. Being fit gives you more stamina in terms of working hard. So you can keep going longer if needed.
  • Better Ideas: Being fit also results in more blood going to the brain and greater alertness. This can result in better ideas.
  • Less Stress and Less Turnover: Good health helps to minimize the effects of stress and anxiety, which means the employee is going to enjoy their job more. And if they're enjoying what they do, they're more likely to stay with the company. Which means less turnover.

For all these reasons, it's a good idea to address the issue of corporate wellness with your employees.


How Do You Address The Issue Of Corporate Wellness?

Most people consider their weight to be an intrinsic part of themselves. This is because society tells us that we're defined by the level of our attractiveness. And being a certain weight can make you more or less attractive to the opposite sex. At least, this is what most people believe.

So how do you address the issue of corporate wellness with someone who is conventionally considered "overweight"? Doesn't it seem terribly insensitive? Aren't they going to react by feeling hurt and angry?

  • Health vs Attractiveness: One obvious way to address this issue is to go for the truth, which is that health is far more important than attractiveness. If a person wants to live into a healthy old age without suffering from the low quality of life due to ailments like high blood pressure, diabetes etc., they need to take care of their health. And to be healthy, their weight needs to fall within a certain range.
  • Plus-Size Is Beautiful Too: Keep in mind that nowadays, people are redefining the ideas of weight and attractiveness as well. Did you know that the last season of Project Runway (season 16) featured models of all shapes and sizes, from the usual skinny models to plus-size models who happen to be fit and look marvelous too? Many great plus-size models like Ashley Graham and Iskra Lawrence are also helping us to come to terms with the fact that we don't all have to be size 2s and size 4s.
  • Fitness vs Weight Loss: So when you're speaking to your employees about corporate wellness, you can emphasize the fact that a person can be any shape or size and still be fit. And this is what you're trying to encourage your employees or your team. If someone can take the stairs without huffing or puffing, run a couple of miles or do Virabhadrasana (a yoga pose), then they're well on their way to being fit.


Photo Credit: Depositphotos

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