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10 Apr

Time for Spring Cleaning - Body, Mind and Soul

The spring season is upon us, and many people are taking this extra time at home to accomplish their spring cleaning goals and take on a few challenging DIY projects, but what about your self-care goals?

This is a unique opportunity for you to take advantage of this surplus of time to regroup and refocus your body, mind, and soul for the week and months ahead. It is easy to fall in a rut and get discouraged during stressful times, but now is the moment to take charge, focus, and start your mind, body, and soul spring cleaning challenge.

Rejuvenate your Mind & Body Connection

From the news headlines to your social media feed, and balancing work and home life, there is no shortage of stress in your day to day routine. It is critical for your mental wellbeing, to take a moment to disconnect from the world around you. Cleanse your mind and consider beginning a daily meditation practice to help you recharge your mind and body connection with just a few minutes each day.

Meditation offers a number of impressive benefits to keep your overall health on track such as:

  • Preserving your brain's function with age

  • Reducing symptoms associated with depression and anxiety

  • Managing chronic pain more effectively

  • Improved focus and attention span

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It is no secret that your diet is an essential contributing factor to your overall wellness and mood. Use this extra time to consider implementing dietary changes that can benefit your overall health and weight management. Changing your diet should not be done drastically and overwhelmingly, this will only lead to more stress and set you up for failure down the road. Instead, consider making small changes that are easy to implement each week to improve your dietary habits. This is a great time to up your cooking game and learn new healthy and flavorful recipes to add to your daily routine.

Easy changes you can incorporate into your diet include:

  • Increase your frequency of eating fruits and vegetables

  • Reduce the consumption of processed foods such as chips, candies, and cookies

  • Eat lean meats

  • Use healthy oils for cooking

  • Swap white for whole grain where possible

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What we eat is important but what we drink is just as critical to our overall wellness. Water is essential to keep your body functioning at its best, resulting in better overall health and better rest, mood, and brain function. Track your daily water intake and take on a water challenge to push yourself to maintain your body at its optimal hydration levels.

Photo Credit: DepositPhotos

Start a New Workout Routine

With access to many of our workout hot spots like gyms and classes restricted for the time being, now is the perfect chance to add a little something new to your workout routine at home. If you are looking for a high energy high-calorie burn workout, search the web for virtual classes in areas such as HIIT, Dance, Kickboxing, or Aerobics. If you are looking to gain strength in a more relaxed environment, look up virtual options for Yoga and Stretching Exercises. If you want to soak up some sun and love the open-air go for a nice walk or run to get your heart rate up and steps in. Sticking to a weekly workout regimen will keep the endorphins flowing and your mind and body healthy and refreshed. You may even discover a new hobby that you will continue to practice and develop in the future. 

Photo Credit: DepositPhotos


Making this extra effort to give yourself the attention and time you deserve through self-care will help you keep your body, mind, and soul connected and on the path to healthier overall wellness. You can use inKin to create a variety of challenges with your family, friends or colleagues to encourage each other and help build healthier habits during this time.

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