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by inKin
25 Jul

Top 11 Inspirational Fitness and Health Blogs That Will Empower You

We’ve cherrypicked top health and fitness blogs that are making an amazing difference for their readers.


Do you love working out and eating right or are you struggling to stay on track with both each day? We know it’s not easy! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that every adult should do moderate aerobic exercise for 150 minutes each week; they also say that everyone needs to perform strength training two days per week. But many of us don’t get that much fitness in our daily lives.

In the U.S., the CDC has reported that over ⅓ of adults are obese while many are labeled overweight. What’s the cause for this? In the majority of the situations, it’s lack of a proper diet and exercise.

Fitness and health experts can advise you in reaching your goals; they’ll make exercises a fun and important part of your life instead of an arduous chore. So whether you love or hate exercising and eating healthy, a good online support system that encourages you is what you need. There are many of these blogs in cyber space, but we’ve narrowed down the field to eleven of the top fitness and health blogs that are making an amazing difference for their readers.


Carrots ‘N’ Cake

Carrots 'N' Cake | inKin Blog

Photo Credit: Carrots 'N' Cake

When you’re trying to lose weight, it’s difficult to stay on track. It seems like all the junk food calls to you making it's easy to fall off the wagon. When you’re constantly depriving yourself of foods you love, you end up ditching your fitness goals and splurging on a pepperoni pizza. Tina, a certified personal trainer in addition to CrossFit trainer, runs the Carrots ‘N’ Cake blog and started it to motivate her to tone up for her wedding day. She thought of the name when she realized there wasn’t any way she’d be able to stay away from her favorite “bad” foods. So her blog is about having a healthy balanced diet and says it’s okay to eat your favorite foods in moderation. She wants everyone to have a healthy but happy life—there’s no “right” way to get healthy and fit, it’s whatever works well for you! Therefore, in her blog, you’ll find she uses her expertise to provide fitness suggestions and tips, and there is a plethora of recipes.


Expert Articles by ACE Blogs

Ace Fitness | inKin Blog

Photo Credit: Ace Fitness

In the U.S., one of the leading personal trainer certification associations is American Council on Exercise (ACE). You’ll be getting a wealth of information from fitness gurus, physicians, healthcare providers, registered dieticians and psychologists. All of this terrific info is for you (the public), policymakers and professionals. They’ll teach you how to start a strength training program, how protein influences your exercise and many other things. So you can be sure that any exercise tips and recommendations they offer will not only help you attain your fitness goals but be safe for you too.


The Lean Green Bean

The Lean Green Bean | inKin Blog

Photo Credit: Ace Fitness

If you’re looking for a blog that’ll teach you how to eat healthy, this is it. Lindsay, of Columbus, OH, began this blog to communicate her love and knowledge of healthy living and nutrition; she gives her readers practical and realistic suggestions. Lindsay is a new mother as well as a registered dietician, so her blog is quite diverse. In it, you’ll find tips for new mothers, recipes and all kinds of fitness routines such as dumbbell, treadmill, cardio and CrossFit. The neat thing is that Lindsay’s fitness routines are posted in the form of a poster so, if you have a Pinterest account, you can pin and save them to your Pinterest board. What makes her blog a bit different is that she has a Foodie Pen Pal program and the Sunday Food Prep where readers can share tips and recipes.


Life Fitness’s Blog

Life Fitness’s Blog | inKin Blog

Photo Credit:  Life Fitness’s Blog 

Life Fitness is a company that makes gym and home exercise equipment. However, to take advantage of their great blog, you don’t need to be a customer. There are a vast number of guest writers and regular writers that repeatedly share their knowledge on the blog. They’ll advise you on things like the benefits of exercising with your significant other, selecting exercise apparel and cardio equipment, weather-appropriate fitness tips, the newest innovations and gym equipment, getting everything you can out of your HIIT training, how to keep on top of your fitness goals and much more.


Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness | inKin Blog

Photo Credit: Nerd Fitness 

You may have made several mistakes along your fitness journey. If so, you’re not alone because the creator of this blog, Steve, has made lots of them too. Although he’s a certified basic personal trainer, Steve states he’s not an expert in fitness and wants to be considered just your average guy. In his blog, Steve shares his experience with his readers as well as fitness programs and cooking suggestions. This provides his readers with the needed insight and encouragement to help them make good exercise goal decisions. What we especially love about Steve and his blog is Steve's humor and funny references to pop culture in his blog.


Workout Mommy

Workout Mommy | inKin Blog

Photo Credit: Workout Mommy

Setting aside time for workouts can be difficult when you’re a single parent—sometimes impossible. Lisa Gulley, mother of four boys and creator of this blog, somehow finds the time and will teach you how to as well. Before becoming a mom, Lisa was a group fitness instructor, marathon runner and she’s still a certified personal trainer. She doesn’t deny that finding time to exercise as a single mom is a struggle, but she motivates her readers with stories of inspiration from other single mothers who arrange workout time. Lisa’s also a magnificent source for fitness suggestions and nutrition tips. She says that being a single parent who works out will not only help you stay happy and fit but sane too!



Blogilates | inKin Blog

Photo Credit: Blogilates

Casey Ho started her blog to share her love of everything that has to do with fitness and Pilates; in fact, she created POP Pilates and is a certified fitness instructor. On her blog, you’ll see info about fitness, fads that you shouldn’t try, fashion and food. For example, Casey’s thought on the waist trainer fad is that you won’t get a tinier waist but could wind up injuring yourself. Alternatively, she provides workouts that’ll create lasting, similar and healthy outcomes.


Fit Bottomed Girls

Fit Bottomed Girls | inKin Blog

Photo Credit: Fit Bottomed Girls

Being fit and healthy won’t look the same on everyone and blog developers Erin Whitehead and Jennipher Walters know this. They want to provide women and men needed information and assurance to maintain their good health—and this shows on their blog with a wide selection of writers. These writers have their own special voice offering tips, advice, and suggestions on things like nutrition, product and book reviews and workouts. For those on a budget, these reviews are wonderful in that it’s kind of like a “try it before buying it” type of thing. This is a terrific blog, set up much like a magazine, for beginners as well as the fitness buffs.



mindbodygreen | inKin Blog

Photo Credit: mindbodygreen

Founders Jason and Carol Wachob understand that your wellness isn’t just physical but also spiritual, environmental, emotional and mental. Everything is connected and essential. They, along with the rest of the team, give you fantastic tips on running, stretching, strength training, meditation, yoga and show you how to fit it all into your hectic life. Often, this blog showcases motivational stories of people who are successful at balancing their physical, emotional and mental health.


Tony Gentilcore

Tony Gentilcore | inKin Blog

Photo Credit: Tony Gentilcore

If you’ve been searching for a blog all about strength training but haven’t found one you really like—look no further than this blog. Tony is a co-founder of Cressey Sports Performance and one of the best strength coaches in the U.S. Tony will talk about everything that’s strength training—from resistance band training and strength programs to CrossFit and mobility workouts. He’ll advise you on things like how you won’t get the results you’re looking for if you skip specific routines and why longer warm-ups will enhance your weightlifting ability. Among all the awesome information, there’s a piece of his blog that’s pretty cool: it includes a weekly column that’s a collection of fitness posts from other strength coaches all over the Internet; he calls his column “Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work”.


Summer Tomato

Summer Tomato | inKin Blog

Photo Credit: Summer Tomato

A neuroscientist, Darya Rose, Ph.D., developed this blog because she was once a chronic dieter. She wants her readers to form healthy habits they enjoy and calls it a “healthstyle”; she insists you don’t need to stress over diets to lose weight and eat right. Her blog contains recommendations for nutrition and fitness, and Darya teaches you how little actions combined with eating real food can lead to big changes. In other words, you’ll develop good habits that’ll eventually become a trigger in your brain. But for those who’d rather watch instead of read, she’ll answer your questions via her vlogs.

There are many other outstanding blogs floating around the Internet, but we just couldn’t name them all here! Whether you join one blog or several, you’re sure to find the knowledge and incentive you’re seeking.


Photo Credit: Depositphotos

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