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22 Aug

What Is Fatigue And How To Address It Naturally

During a cross-sectional telephonic survey of U.S. workers, the 2-week period occurrence of fatigue was estimated at 37.9%.


Of the workers that reported fatigue, 65.7% reported health-related lost productive time (LPT) compared to the 26.4% of those not suffering with fatigue. Individuals suffering from fatigue cost employers 136.4 billion dollars on average per year in health-related LPT, a surplus of 101.0 billion dollars compared to workers without symptoms of fatigue.

Fatigue amongst the workforce can not only negatively impact productivity as indicated but can also take a toll on the personal well-being of the affected individuals. In a working environment, measures such as team-building exercises with a fitness undertone and the inclusion of healthy food in the cafeteria can go a long way towards minimizing fatigue amongst workers.

Tackling Fatigue the Natural Way

There are many natural ways to combat fatigue for young and old, with exercise being one of the most popular as the health benefits reach far beyond simply treating fatigue. There are a vast variety of health applications and wearables available that can aid individuals in their exercise regimes by tracking aspects such as heart rate and calories burned.  The following are natural methods that can be employed over and above exercise in the fight against fatigue.

1. Eat Often

Eating regular meals and healthy snacks rather than large meals will boost your energy levels during the day. Aim to eat every 3 hours where possible.

2. Lose Weight

If you are carrying excess weight then the chances are that your body is exhausted which can put unnecessary strain on your heart, making you tired. If you lose weight you feel a lot more energetic. A combination of healthy eating and exercise is the most sufficient way to lose weight and beat fatigue.

3. Get Enough Sleep

Many people do not get enough sleep to ensure them staying alert during the day. Aim to sleep for between 8 and 10 hours to boost your energy levels for the day.

4. Minimize Stress

Being stressed uses up a lot more energy than we think. Try to reduce your stress levels by incorporating relaxing activities such as listening to music or reading into your day. If you are relaxed you will automatically feel more energized.

5. Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

Many corporate employers reach for a cup or 5 of coffee to help them through a trying day. While caffeine might give you a temporary boost in energy it will not only leave you feeling very tired once the effect wears off but large doses will always interfere with your sleeping pattern, leaving you even more fatigued the next day.

Fatigue is not a common occurrence and it normally does not require medical intervention as simple lifestyle changes generally suffice in reversing the condition. If you, however, suffer from other symptoms and suspect an underlying medical condition then it is imperative to seek professional medical assistance.


Photo Credit: Depositphotos

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