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by inKin
26 Dec

What You Need To Know About TRX Training

Have you heard of TRX or seen people using it at the gym but aren't quite sure what they are doing? If you are wondering, what it is, we've got you covered!

According to the TRX website, the system is a "highly portable performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user’s body weight to complete hundreds of exercises."

TRX is a suspension training system that works all body parts with body weight exercises. TRX was invented by former Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick who created the TRX suspension system out of necessity. He needed something that was portable and lightweight that would help him maintain the extreme fitness levels required of Navy SEALs while he was deployed. He created the first version of TRX in 1997 using a jujitsu belt and parachute webbing. In 2001, Hetrick completed his MBA at the Stanford University School of Business, refining the TRX system and making plans to bring it to the fitness market.

Hetrick created a TRX Training Course for personal trainers and fitness professionals to bring TRX into the gym world in 2005, and the system went international in 2006. Just a few years later, TRX could be found in gyms in over 60 countries and was endorsed by NFL quarterback Drew Brees. Since then, TRX has continued to grow in popularity and helped people reach fitness goals and build their strength all over the world.

While TRX systems can cost around $200, they truly are a complete home gym if you are open to learning how to use them. The benefits are numerous because not only does TRX build strength but also flexibility, balance, and core stability. It is very portable so can be used at home, at work, or in the park, as well as the gym. There are hundreds of exercises, and you can work any part of the body. The actual equipment involves webbing similar to a tow strap that has handles, and they can be cinched up or down for varying exercises. Check out the different systems here.

Users could see the cost as a pro or a con. Some people may think spending $200 plus on some straps they hang from the ceiling is silly. However, when you consider their many uses and the cost compared to other home gym equipment, a TRX system is a great buy. Another pro is that TRX has a free and a paid app that can give you plenty of ideas for how to use your TRX system to get a great full body workout. Their website also has exercises specific to supporting different sports such as golf and yoga. A con could be that people may get bored on the TRX. But for those who enjoy a wide variety in their fitness routine, TRX can be the perfect supplement for weightlifting or cardio bursts.

One way TRX is highly effective for a home workout is to do Tabata workouts, alternating two exercises for the four-minute session. For those of you unfamiliar with Tabata it is an HIIT method of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for 4 minutes. Here is an example of a full body, Tabata style TRX workout. 

1st Set: Upper Body/Arms—Alternating Chest Press (or push ups) and Tricep Extensions

2nd Set: Upper Body/Arms—Alternating Chest Fly and Bicep Curl

3rd Set: Legs—Alternating Jump Squats and Skaters

4th Set: Core—Hold Plank with Feet in Handles, Pikes

There are hundreds of variations of exercises you can do on the TRX, and you will find using your body weight is just as effective—if not more effective—than using weights. If you want to learn more about TRX, find a gym near you with a TRX system so you can try it out. If you like it, a TRX system for your home would be a great investment for your home fitness use. 

Photo Credit: Depositphotos

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