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by Zara
25 Oct

Why Launching a Fitness Challenge In Your Community Is an Awesome Idea

Everyone loves a challenge. Well, at least most people have enough of a yearning for approval to participate in an activity that might get their stats in the spotlight. So we would love to share with you the reasons we're so fired up about keeping our friends and clients engaged and healthy.


1. Workplace Wellness/Fitness Challenges

Business owners and employees are always looking for that "win-win," perfect spot. Nothing is more favorable than an activity that:

  • Builds camaraderie
  • Creates a climate of friendly competition
  • Helps individuals take on or continue a healthy way of life
  • Has the ability to change lives
  • Is more than affordable
  • Produces a more productive workforce
  • Reduces absenteeism'
  • Increases morale

Team wellness challenges can motivate individuals to a common purpose. When participants work as a group to "walk 5,000 miles," or lose X amount of weight, employers, and employees benefit. Keeping track of the group's accomplishments and posting the data in a common area has often gotten sedentary folks on the road to better health. Business owners could consider offering incentives to those who participate when they reach their challenge goals.

Those who use a device to measure their progress or are considering adding a widget to their health program can make collecting information about their development a cinch.


2. Community Fitness Challenges

The US Preventive Service Task Force offers several initiatives that communities can use to encourage community members to increase their physical activity. They include:

  • Building walking trails
  • Constructing pools
  • Designing fields
  •  Adding gyms to neighborhoods
  • Reducing fees for access to facilities
  • Providing affordable programming and coaching
  • Placing motivational signs, such as "Use the Stairs"

In Fall River, Massachusetts, residents participate in the Fall River Fitness Challenge. Fall Riverites receive decreases in their costs to join fitness clubs and wellness programs around the city. Those who join the program also have a chance to win prizes for their efforts.

Again, a tracking device is a big boost for those who are increasing their activity to protect their wellness. Fitness trackers that have been around for a while may have improved with age. You do not have to spend an arm and a leg for a tracker since they come in all price points and can be chosen based on what you want from using it.


3. Wellness Providers' Challenges

Ok, let's say that your doctor told you that you need to get moving to improve your heart health. It happens to be not difficult at all to launch a virtual wellness program for you and your friends by using a fitness tracker and pedometer apps. Imagine how much more fun walking can be if you're pairing off with your crew to see who gets the most steps accomplished during one week. 

You may have already heard that if your friends have the same tracker as you do, you can share all your fitness info. But that idea is no longer applicable. 


About inKin

Our company supports 20 different fitness and health metrics, and most of the fitness trackers that allows you to share and receive fitness data from friends, family and colleagues that use different devices. 

With connectivity such as that offered by inKin, you can share workout times, start a social media challenge, share playlists, share winners of scheduled competitions, and more. Here's to joining the path to wellness!


Photo Credit: Depositphotos

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