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26 Dec

Why You Deserve Guilt-Free Holidays

Let's be honest. There are many ways that people celebrate the winter season — Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and New Year's. Not everyone will celebrate every event, but they will get invited to gatherings where tempting foods and drinks common to these traditions are displayed in abundance.

Some workplaces even offer holiday treats for twelve days, which means some of us feel like we must avoid the break room or cafeteria altogether. How else are we to avoid the holiday temptations? 


Unhealthy Food is Everywhere!

When you're surrounded by goodies that tend to be high in sugar, fat, or carbs, you could waste time feeling guilty about a bit of self-indulgence. However, embracing guilt about overeating or consuming foods and beverages that aren't in your regular diet is not productive. Instead, have guilt-free holidays and enjoy the moment. Follow up each party or food indulgence with moderate to intensive physical activity instead of constantly worrying about your weight or excess calories. If you think too much about food, you could easily lose your holiday spirit.


Be Realistic!

Remember, the holiday season is limited to a few weeks from December to January, and it is typically followed by a period of relief where people get back to the gym and other self-actualizing habits of the new year. If you are like most people, you promise yourself that you will do things better this year than last year. You will start out going to the gym, and then your motivation will slowly diminish. Unlike New Year's resolutions and holiday celebration trends, unhealthy, but yummy food is everywhere throughout the year. It's hard to resist. Furthermore, food is something that you might have a love-hate relationship with because of your constant cravings for fatty, salty, or sweet treats. If you take the path of least resistance, you can certainly enjoy a treat here and there and then get back to your regular diet. 


Set Yourself Up for Success!

While you should allow yourself to have a scrumptious cookie here and a glass of wine there, expect there to be a little voice in your head reminding you that shouldn't be giving in to each food encounter. Don't let guilt or shame shape your eating choices. Instead, pick the treat you really want at some point and then ensure that the rest of your meals are healthy. Alternatively, allow yourself one cheat meal per day or one cheat day per week.


Don't Overbook Yourself or Stress Out! Nobody's Perfect!

Another big reason you're likely to overeat this winter season is that you will be running here and there and attending holiday events. Getting ready for each gathering could mean more decorating, cleaning, shopping, cooking, or intoning and not enough time for relaxation. There's also the pressure to spend extra time with your loved ones. This hustle and bustle can wear you down quickly, especially if you keep working full-time throughout the holiday season. When you give in to eating on the run, such as having appetizers in one location and dinner at another event, you will not have time to focus on food or beverage choices. Grabbing what's on hand is not healthy. Remember, what you eat and how much you eat of each item will determine whether indulgence results in winter weight gain. 


Instead of stressing out about holiday eating or drinking, seek a balance and have fun! Let yourself enjoy some treats and then be sure to hit the gym or indulge in your favorite sport whenever there's a chunk of time. It's fun to track your physical activity and celebrate your progress by signing up for inKin's Step Challenge. We're so excited that you care about your body and want to achieve your fitness goals!


Photo Credit: Depositphotos


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