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by Zara
18 Apr

Why You Should Monitor Your Health and Get More Active

When we take a step back and analyze where we are in life, there are always things we could do better.

For some of us, it's time to catch up on housework or to complete long-needed repairs in the home. For others, it's time to go back to a college, university, or trade school and get that professional credential we have often considered. There could also be an urgency to take better care of our bodies, especially so that we can increase our self-esteem and enjoy living in the present. The last objective is hard to do. Around the holidays, we may decide to join a gym or attend a class with a friend. We know that motivation will be a problem. However, the strategy that we use may have limited results if we soon abandon it. We need to find a long-term solution, and that's where we might consider social fitness.


Get the Facts                                                     

In the United States alone, there are many adverse health risks that could affect us as we age.  According to the American Heart Association's statistical update in 2018, nearly 79,000 adults died in 2015 from high blood pressure. What's more, in November 2017, the guidelines for defining high blood pressure changed, which means that many adults could have high blood pressure right now and not even know it. They may not be exercising enough or eating right for a healthy heart and taking a medication to lower their blood pressure. Having elevated blood pressure increases the risk of coronary disease and having heart attacks and strokes, which can happen at any age. The AHA reported these new guidelines. "People with readings of 130 as the top number or 80 as the bottom one now are considered to have high blood pressure... High blood pressure used to be defined as 140/90."


Could You Have High Blood Pressure?

If you aren't sure if you have high blood pressure, please make time to see your doctor. You don't want to postpone learning if your blood pressure should be medically controlled. What's more, you should make time to exercise for 30 minutes at least five times per week to maintain a healthy body. If you have high blood pressure, discuss with your doctor any precautions that you should take when beginning an exercise program. 


We Don't Want to Scare You

The incidence of high blood pressure among adults is staggering. It's right up there with increasing rates of Type II diabetes and obesity. High blood pressure affects nearly half of adults in the U.S., especially under the new 130/80 metric. We want you to know your own body, and we aren't trying to scare you. However, the longer you postpone changing your lifestyle to be more active, the more damage can occur to your body. The decisions you make in this part of your life could affect your health and quality of life when you reach retirement. Also, some habits such as smoking can reduce your total lifespan. One way to get more activate is to purchase a portable fitness device. This type of device will record your vital statistics and then you can verify how many steps you take, how many miles you walk, what your heart rate is, and how many hours of sleep you get per night.


Get Involved

With a fitness or health tracker, it's easy to self-regulate and increase your weekly frequency of exercise. You can also share personal fitness metrics over a social media platform like inKin. Our platform makes it easy to accumulate your health and fitness data from the various devices in one place and connect with people in the local community and throughout the world to motivate yourself with group fitness challenges. If you're working towards meeting goals with others, then you're more likely to follow through than when working out alone.

Photo Credit: culturereggae

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