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05 Dec

Your Ultimate Review on The Apple Watch 4 Series

The Apple Watch has long been celebrated as one of the most popular and well-crafted smartwatches on the market. Geared towards health-minded people with a sense of style, the Apple Watch packs a handful of new activity and exercise features that are sure to impress. Get ready to explore the outdoors with more wireless freedom.


Tech Updates

As usual, Apple has updated the components of the new watch to make a faster, more useful device.


1. Increased Display Size

One simple, yet important update is the display on the new Apple Watch 4. With a 30% increase in screen real-estate, the display is bigger than ever, making activity and workout tracking a breeze. As if that wasn't enough, the display's power efficiency has also been improved, making it easier to get through each day with only one charge.

2. Cellular Capabilities

One of the most important upgrades featured in the Apple Watch 4 is the addition of cellular technology. Previous iterations required you to have your iPhone nearby to supply internet connectivity to your watch. With an appropriate cellular plan, you can now leave your iPhone at home and stay connected on the go.



The Apple Watch has always been a fantastic exercise watch. The new Apple Watch 4 includes time-tested features as well as a handful of excellent new additions.

1. Activity Goals

As with the older Apple Watches, the new watch continues the standard Activity Goals featured on the home screen. These activity goals help keep you moving throughout the day and are tied to specific goals that you can set yourself.

1.     Move — This goal tracks the number of calories you have burned throughout the day. Set a goal for yourself and try to hit it every day.

2.     Exercise —  Get that blood flowing. This goal tracks the amount of energetic activity you have completed, from exercise at the gym or a run, or even just moving quickly. Aim for a minimum of 30-minutes a day.

3.     Stand — Sometimes you need a little encouragement; this goal prompts you to get moving after sitting for too long.


2. VO2 Max

Paired with the new watchOS 4 operating system, the Apple Watch 4 includes the ability to measure and monitor your VO2 Max—which refers to the amount of oxygen your body is capable of utilizing in one minute and is a key metric for measuring fitness. All VO2 Max data is logged into the Health app, and you can track your progress over time as you wear the Apple Watch 4, giving you new insight into how your workouts are affecting your overall fitness.



Thanks to the new cellular capabilities, there is no need to bring your phone with you during your exercises with Apple Watch 4. With maps and directions built right into the watch, it's no problem if you find yourself in a neighbourhood you don't recognize on your run or bike ride. You will have additional peace of mind knowing that your loved ones can track your location while you are on one of your nightly runs—no phone necessary.



The new Apple Watch 4 included two key safety updates that are an excellent addition to a watch already packed with features.

  • Fall Detection — Utilizing a powerful and hypersensitive sensor, Apple has added a new Fall Detection feature that can detect if the wearer has taken a hard fall. After sensing a fall, the watch will tap you on your wrist with a notification, prompting you to either call emergency services or cancel the alert in the event of a false alarm. If the watch does not sense any movement for about a minute, it will begin sounding an audible alarm and eventually call emergency services automatically, as well as any emergency contacts you have set in your Health app. This new Fall Detection feature can be useful for people participating in outdoor sports such as running and cycling and can help notify emergency services in case of an accident. This feature is also useful for an elderly family member who is at risk of falling. Of course, the wearer can decide to turn off Fall Detection completely if desired.
  • ECG Sensor — An electrocardiogram, also known by the acronym "ECG," is a test used to monitor heart rhythms and detect for abnormalities—typically found in a doctor's office. Now the Apple Watch 4 includes an ECG sensor so that you can monitor your heart rhythms on the go and send any abnormalities to your doctor. While not as advanced as a standard medical electrocardiograph, the watch features a single sensor that can check for basic abnormalities. As always, consult your doctor to receive an official diagnosis and receive more advanced results.

About inKin

inKin offers social fitness tracking that can help you thrive in your fitness journey. We offer comprehensive fitness tracking for you as an individual or your corporate team no matter what fitness device or app you use. 

Photo Credit: Depositphotos

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