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Launch habit building challenges with up to 15 health metrics and customized daily tasks simultaneously.

How Does It Work

Create a dashboard of up to 15 metrics, customized goals, and tasks to track
Connect a device to fetch data automatically or log manually
Gamify habits with our fun widgets and compete with your team
Generate and download reports on your team’s achievements
Track up to 15 metrics and tasks
Connect your favorite device
Gamify habits with our fun widgets
Generate health data reports

How Much Does It Cost

When choosing the Multimetric Challenge Plan, you will get access to all our wellness platform features for free. More on our plans and pricing here.
Monthly $12 per user/mo
Quarterly $8 per user/mo
Annually $4 per user/mo
Connect your favorite device or pedometer app
and compete with friends, family and co-workers no matter what device they use
Up to 20 health and wellness metrics, Manual log and Privacy & Sharing settings
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